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  • Carroll County Crisis Response System

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    CRISIS SERVICES: Operations Call Center Operates 12 hours a day/365 days a year Calls are screened by mental health counselors Danger/lethality of the caller’s situation is assessed Calls are triaged to urgent care, mobile crisis team or in home intervention team Cases are managed with a crisis plan Information and referrals drawn from a comprehens...

  • Anne Arundel Crisis Response, Mobile Crisis Team

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency

    MOBILE CRISIS TEAM: Offers assistance with emergency mental health crisis calls. Mental health professionals and case associates go to the caller's home, workplace or community location to assess the person's needs and initiate the least restrictive intervention. Generally the person in crisis needs to consent to receiving services, call for more i...

  • Baltimore Child and Adolescent Response System

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    COVID-19 Update: Office is closed to the public. Referrals accepted through Baltimore Crisis Response.OVERVIEW: Provides a short term (2 week) crisis intervention program. Offers individual and family therapy, intensive in-home interventions, psychiatric support and evaluation, medication management and case management, as well as urgent school res...

  • Child and Adolescent Mobile Crisis Services, Frederick County

    Agency: Sheppard Pratt Health System

    COVID-19 UPDATE:  ONLY complete a referral if: Caller asks for mobile crisis AND they meet the standard that would justify a mobile referral  If caller could benefit from Family Preservation***CRISIS RESPONSE: Provides in-home de-escalation and crisis intervention for children and adolescents under the age of 18. Trained workers offer face to face ...

  • Deaf Addiction Services at Maryland

    Agency: University of Maryland Medical System

    OUTPATIENT SERVICES: Provides outpatient and intensive outpatient (IOP) services to individuals with substance abuse and alcohol concerns. Services include access to additional services for detoxification, methadone maintenance, DWI/DUI, counseling, substance abuse and psychiatric assessment, mobile assessment, medication management, case managemen...

  • Washington County Health Department, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Washington County Health Department

    COVID-19 UPDATES:  Physical building is closed to the public due to COVID-19 pandemic.NARCAN and SYRINGE EXCHANGE: While building is closed, services are available at the following pharmacies: Reed’s Pharmacy. 343 N Pennsylvania Ave, Hancock, MD 21750 Sharpsburg Pharmacy. 17316 Shepherdstown Pike, Sharpsburg, MD 21782 Smithsburg Pharmacy. 22030 Jef...

  • Hope Health Systems

    Agency: Hope Health Systems, Inc

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides direct mental health, substance abuse, and community support services to adults, children, and adolescent clients in institutional and outpatient settings in Maryland1) OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH CARE (OMHC): Offers group, invidual and family therapy. 2) EXPANDED SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH (ESMH): Provides mental health as...

  • Baltimore City WARMS Center

    Agency: Baltimore City Health Department

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE CRISIS SERVICES: The Withdrawal and Referral Management Stabilization (WARMS) program offers urgent/walk-in screening and referral 24 hours a day,  biopsychosocial assessment to determine treatment needs and appropriate level of care, and inpatient stay for up to 7 days detox. Referral to another level of care will be offered after ...

  • Grassroots Crisis Intervention, Opioid Crisis Intervention Center

    Agency: Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

    CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Program remains open, screening people at the front door prior to entering the building. They will be asked questions about any symptoms or exposure to individuals positive for COVID-19. They will also having their temperature taken. Depending on their screening, they may need to be medically cleared prior to entering the build...

  • Gaudenzia, Crisis Stabilization Unit

    Agency: Gaudenzia

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE CRISIS SERVICES: Offers assistance in stabilization for 1-3 days.  Does not provide detox, but will provide referrals for detox. Provides evaluation for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), suboxone assisted treatment and linkage to community services for follow-up care. Services such as counseling, de-escalation, treatment and safe...

  • Recovery Resource Center, Safe Station

    Agency: Recovery Resource Center

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Offers support services for those individuals who are in need of substance abuse treatment. Individuals will be connected with a Peer Support Specialist for an assessment and may be connected with services for their addiction recovery.

  • Talbot County Department of Emergency Services, Safe Station

    Agency: Talbot County Government

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Provides recovery services for anyone struggling with substance abuse. Individuals will be connected with a Peer Support Specialist, who will assess their needs and provide resources for treatment options. There may also be information about addiction treatment and recovery resources that can be given to individuals that ...

  • Worcester County Safe Station

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    ADDICTIONS TREATMENT: Provides recovery services for anyone struggling with substance abuse. Firefighters will provide medical assessment and contact a Peer Support Specialist. The specialists  will meet the individual, determine the needs and begin working through any barriers to treatment. If the individual needs medical care first, the worker wi...

  • Harford County Health Department, Adolescent Services

    Agency: Harford County Health Department

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Offers substance abuse evaluations/assessments, individual and family counseling and crisis intervention. Also offers urinalysis screening and referrals to detox, and intensive outpatient and inpatient facilities.

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