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  • Peninsula Mental Health and Addictions Services

    Agency: Peninsual Mental Health and Addictions Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of mental health and addictions counseling services to individuals, couples and families. Also provides adult and adolescent intensive outpatient treatment programs for addictions.SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Offers counseling services for individuals with issues with anxiety, depression, behavioral disorders,...

  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake

    Agency: Volunteers of America Chesapeake

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and housing assistance. SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides psychiatric out patient and rehabilitation services to adults with mental illness and residential rehabilitation services 2) SHELTER PLUS CARE: Provides permanent housing, rental assistance and psychiatric rehabilitative services to mentally ill h...

  • Concerted Care Group, Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment

    Agency: Concerted Care Group

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides an Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) for nine hours (or more) weekly of group and individual counseling. Provides standard Outpatient program for less than nine hours a week of group and individual counseling. Also offers overdose prevention services.

  • Echo House Multi-Service Center

    Agency: Echo House Multi-Service Center

    SUBSTANCE USE PROGRAM: Offers outpatient and intensive outpatient services to any resident who wants to end a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Provides monthly written reports regarding client's progress to parole or probation officers and penal institutions if requested. Also provides suboxone treatment for adults.

  • Brook Lane Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment Program (InSTEP)

    Agency: Brook Lane

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT (OP): This evening program is appropriate for individuals who have been assessed to benefit from an outpatient level of care. The program provides ongoing education and person-centered treatment. Individuals with co-occurring disorders, but whose mental health symptoms are stable and managed, can be considered for...

  • Chase Brexton Health Services, Substance Abuse

    Agency: Chase Brexton Health Services

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides substance abuse screenings, evaluations, interventions and counseling. Offers buprenorphine therapy and an intensive outpatient program. 

  • Glenwood Life Counseling Center, Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Agency: Glenwood Life Counseling Center

    INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (IOP): Offers group and individual counseling. Group counseling assists with symptom management, coping and self-management skills, life skills, gender specific health, trauma, relationship skills, and family skills.  Also helps with relapse prevention, anger management, and illicit substance use recovery plan. Offers...

  • Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling

    Agency: Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Provides a range of outpatient substance abuse treatment which includes individual therapy, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), group treatment, DUI/DWI education, anger management, gambling addiction, and family therapy. SERVICES:1) INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT (IOP): Provides an intensive program offering group and individual c...

  • Counseling Plus

    Agency: Counseling Plus

    OVERVIEW: Provides substance abuse counseling, anger management and family counseling.SERVICES:1) SUBSTANCE & ALCOHOL USE PROGRAM: Offers intake and evaluation assessment administered to determine individual level of care. Provides education to fulfill requirements for Substance Abuse Education. Includes, group and individual therapy. Outpatient an...

  • Crossroads Centers, Frederick

    Agency: Crossroads Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Adults and adolescents with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, persons with HIV/AIDS, and DUI/DWI offenders, intensive out-patient counseling. Also provides confidential assessments, evaluations, and referrals as well as education and prevention services, family counseling programs, urine screenings and inte...

  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center, Frederick

    Agency: Mountain Manor Treatment Centers

    NOTE: Sliding scale is based on individual financial situation.THERAPY: We are a group facility offering sessions Early Invention Program (EIP), traditional outpatient, intensive outpatient (IOP), aftercare, MAR (medication assisted recovery, urine testing and intervention for individuals with substance abuse issues. Also offers inpatient evaluatio...

  • Pathways Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

    Agency: Anne Arundel Medical Center

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides treatment to people with co-occurring disorders; substance use and mental health disorders and referral services, as well as a variety of treatment programs. Services are offered to adolescents and adults and include inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation, ambulatory detoxification, partial hospitaliz...

  • Serenity Treatment Center

    Agency: Serenity Treatment Center

    SUBSTANCE USE: Treatment is tailored to individuals 18 years and older. They are guided by an individualized treatment plan based on a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment of the individual and his or her family.SERVICES:1) ASSESSMENT/INTAKE: Offers assessment, intake, and treatment planning.2) SCREENING: Offers urinalysis, drug, and alcohol s...

  • University of Maryland Medical Center, Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services (OATS)

    Agency: University of Maryland Medical System

    OUTPATIENT: Provides a continuum of care for substance abusers, including intensive outpatient, counseling, relapse prevention, and a specialized women's treatment program. Offers central intake and referral service for substance abuse services, including referrals to detox. Provides child care for all programs, except clients going to a detox prog...

  • Washington County Health Department, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Washington County Health Department

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health services to all persons affected by substance use or mental health disorders. Each person is treated with compassion and respect in a confidential environment that supports behavioral change as individuals strive to improve their lives.Services include but are not l...

  • We Care Laurel Health Services

    Agency: Maryland Methadone

    SUBSTANCE USE: Provides substance abuse assessment leading to Methadone treatment, counseling, interventions, and case management. 

  • Western Maryland Health Systems, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Western Maryland Health System

    OVERVIEW: Services are provided for both psychiatric and addictions disorders and are available on an Emergency basis 24 hours per day in an Emergency Room setting, or in a traditional inpatient or outpatient environment.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides a professional counselor who is available 24 hours per day, seven days...

  • Worcester County Health Department

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of mental health, drug/alcohol and prevention services to Worcester County residents. .SERVICES:1) PREVENTION CENTER: Promotes wellness through a variety of prevention programs. Interdisciplinary team offering health related educational programs, training, videos and resource materials.Cancer & Blood Pressure Screeni...

  • Center 4 Clean Start

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Offers support services for pregnant and postpartum women who are struggling with alcohol/drug addictions.SERVICES:1) OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers an intensive outpatient program for women who are pregnant or postpartum and experiencing difficulty with alcohol and/or other drugs. Also provides dual services and transitional housing....

  • Health Care for the Homeless, Substance Abuse Services

    Agency: Health Care for the Homeless

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES: Provides assessments, referrals and onsite outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. Also provides buprenorphine, if indicated.

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