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  • JAEL Health Services

    Agency: JAEL Health Services

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment such as methadone maintenance, counseling, and education and treatment planning. Must have experienced one year of opiate addiction. 

  • Main Place Treatment Centers

    Agency: Main Place Treatment Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Provides a range of outpatient substance use disorder treatments for adults, including early intervention, outpatient counseling, groups, intensive outpatient (IOP), suboxone treatment, Vivtrol injections, and medically assisted detox. Medical services such as suboxone treatment and medically assisted detox are currently off...

  • Total Health Care, Substance Abuse Program

    Agency: Total Health Care

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers substance abuse assessments and evaluations, individual, family and group counseling, intensive outpatient program, acupuncture, outpatient detox, primary medical care for patients in the substance abuse program, dual diagnosis treatment (mental health and substance abuse), gender specific groups, specialized treatment for H...

  • University of Maryland Medical Center, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program

    Agency: University of Maryland Medical System

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides traditional and intensive outpatient treatment, substance abuse education, individual and family counseling, long-term Buprenorphine maintenance, and random urinalysis. Also refers individuals to outpatient detox.

  • A Helping Hand

    Agency: A Helping Hand

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides outpatient substance abuse services and information and referral to additional community resources.--Counseling for individuals, families and group therapy--Methadone maintenance--Urine drug screening--Alcohol testing 

  • Echo House Multi-Service Center

    Agency: Echo House Multi-Service Center

    SUBSTANCE USE PROGRAM: Offers outpatient and intensive outpatient services to any resident who wants to end a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Provides monthly written reports regarding client's progress to parole or probation officers and penal institutions if requested. Also provides suboxone treatment for adults.

  • Chase Brexton Health Services, Substance Abuse

    Agency: Chase Brexton Health Services

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides substance abuse screenings, evaluations, interventions and counseling. Offers buprenorphine therapy and an intensive outpatient program. 

  • Glenwood Life Counseling Center, Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Agency: Glenwood Life Counseling Center

    INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (IOP): Offers group and individual counseling. Group counseling assists with symptom management, coping and self-management skills, life skills, gender specific health, trauma, relationship skills, and family skills.  Also helps with relapse prevention, anger management, and illicit substance use recovery plan. Offers...

  • MedPsych Health Services

    Agency: Med Psych Health Services

    1) EVALUATION: Provides psychiatric evaluation, consultation, second opinion, bariatric evaluation, spinal cord stimulator placement evaluations, and psychological testing2) MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: Offers medication management.3) CONSULTATION SERVICES: Offers consultation services for depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, and ot...

  • Montgomery County DHHS Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Services

    Agency: Montgomery County Special Needs Housing

    OVERVIEW: Provides several substance abuse treatment options.SERVICES:1) DUAL DIAGNOSIS/MEDICAL CONCERNS: Psychiatric and addiction treatment services. Medication management for clients with mental health disorders.2) INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT PROGRAM : Intensive day treatment and coordination of services for homeless, chronically mental ill, ...

  • Another Way

    Agency: Another Way

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers a methadone maintenance program providing individual and group counseling. Provides crisis intervention and drug testing.

  • Archway Clinic

    Agency: National Institute on Drug Abuse

    OUTPATIENT TREATMENT: Provides outpatient treatment for addiction to Heroin. Treatment includes medication (Suboxone or Buprenorphine), outpatient counseling, and case management services.

  • Cumberland Comprehensive Treatment Center

    Agency: Cumberland Comprehensive Treatment Center

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers an outpatient drug and alcohol counseling program. Services include medication-assisted treatment with methadone, suboxone, and/or Subutex. Offers a 12 hour DUI education program. Also offers a 9 hour per week intensive outpatient therapy clinic. 

  • Harford County Division of Behavioral Health, Outpatient Counseling

    Agency: Harford County Health Department

    COUNSELING: Offers individual and group outpatient substance abuse counseling to Harford County residents. Also provides counseling services for persons with dual diagnoses and just mental health concerns. Support groups for family members and individuals participating in the intensive outpatient program are available. Call for more information. 

  • Sinai Hospital, Addictions Recovery Program

    Agency: Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers outpatient services for non-methadone and medication assisted patients. Offers an outpatient substance abuse program that provides individual, group, and family counseling to opiate-addicted and other substance-abusing patients. Methadone is used in conjunction with these other therapies to help patients manage their addicti...

  • Phoenix Health Center

    Agency: Phoenix Health Center

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Provides medically assisted substance use treatment for people with opiate use disorder. Treatments include methadone maintenance, Suboxone/Sublocade/buprenorphine, and Vivitrol. Levels of care include outpatient treatment and detox services. Program can support individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use ...

  • Suburban Hospital

    Agency: Suburban Hospital

    OVERVIEW: Provides comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and emergency services.SERVICES:1) MEDICAL SERVICES: Provides state-designated emergency/shock trauma center, primary stroke center, and an approved cancer program (American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer) with in- and out-patient oncology services, radiation oncology and diagnostic i...

  • University Psychological Center/ Recovery Network, Substance Use Services

    Agency: Baltimore Community Resource Center

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Provides individual and family counseling, intensive outpatient substance abuse services, and suboxone maintenance. Provides Peer Recovery Advocates for community outreach and walk-in appointments to link individuals to services/resources in and around the community including the above, and assistance with basic n...

  • Western Maryland Health Systems, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Western Maryland Health System

    OVERVIEW: Services are provided for both psychiatric and addictions disorders and are available on an Emergency basis 24 hours per day in an Emergency Room setting, or in a traditional inpatient or outpatient environment.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides a professional counselor who is available 24 hours per day, seven days...

  • Next Passage

    Agency: Bon Secours Baltimore Health System

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides individual and group counseling to current and former substance abusers, and also offers an outpatient suboxone program.

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