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  • Harbel Community Organization, Outpatient Treatment & Counseling

    Agency: Harbel Community Organization

    OUTPATIENT TREATMENT & COUNSELING: Provides outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment to uninsured individuals as well as individual and group therapy for individuals dealing with substance abuse and domestic violence issues. Will also see patients with insurance. 

  • Hope Health Systems

    Agency: Hope Health Systems, Inc

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides direct mental health, substance abuse, and community support services to adults, children, and adolescent clients in institutional and outpatient settings in Maryland1) OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH CARE (OMHC): Offers group, invidual and family therapy. 2) EXPANDED SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH (ESMH): Provides mental health as...

  • Integrative Counseling

    Agency: Integrative Counseling, LLC

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides substance use disorder counseling, education, and treatment for youth and adults. Also offers DUI/DWI classes and anger management classes. 

  • JAEL Health Services

    Agency: JAEL Health Services

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment such as methadone maintenance, counseling, and education and treatment planning. Must have experienced one year of opiate addiction. 

  • Jai Medical Center, Substance Abuse Services

    Agency: Jai Medical Center

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides outpatient treatment and counseling. 

  • Main Place Treatment Centers

    Agency: Main Place Treatment Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Provides a range of outpatient substance use disorder treatments for adults, including early intervention, outpatient counseling, groups, intensive outpatient (IOP), suboxone treatment, Vivtrol injections, and medically assisted detox. Medical services such as suboxone treatment and medically assisted detox are currently off...

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, Addiction & Mental Health Center

    Agency: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and substance abuse services to residents in need.SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:o Inpatient mental health: Provides comprehensive care for individuals, ages 13 and older, in need of short-term crisis stabilization services. o Partial hospitalization: Offers a group-oriented, structured program for individuals, ...

  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center, at EPOCH in Dundalk, Substance Abuse Counseling

    Agency: Mountain Manor Treatment Centers

    DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE COUNSELING: Offers substance abuse evaluation and individual and group counseling. Counseling sessions are usually held 90 minutes per week for group, and one hour for individual sessions. Conducts urinalysis as a routine part of treatment, and the Drug Diversion program is 16 weeks. Peer recovery support services is available ...

  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center, Westminster

    Agency: Mountain Manor Treatment Centers

    OVERVIEW: Offers substance abuse evaluation, DWI and DUI services and counseling on an outpatient basis. Referral to inpatient services are available. SERVICES:1) ALCOHOL EDUCATION PROGRAM: Offers a 12 hour program broken into six, 2-hour sessions. Sessions are held on Mon, 2-4PM. Individuals are typically referred by a lawyer or social service age...

  • New Beginnings Recovery Center

    Agency: Advanced Pain Medicine Institute

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE-USE TREATMENT: Provides less than 9 hours per week of structured outpatient therapy to address substance use. Treatment services include Individual, Group, and Family therapy as well as Buprenorphine (suboxone) therapy for those who qualify. 

  • Peninsula Addictions Services

    Agency: Peninsula Regional Health System

    ADULT INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM (IOP): Provides addictions treatment to adult 18 years of age and older. Provides treatment in three phases by identifying individual needs. Offers a twelve step recovery program and transitional program. IOP treatment allows alcohol and drug dependent adults to continue to working, raising families and living at ...

  • Prince George's County Health Department, Cheverly Health Center

    Agency: Prince George's County Health Department

    COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER: Provides an array of health care services to Prince George's County residents. Testing includes Chlamydia Testing, Conventional HIV Blood Testing, FREE HIV Testing, Gonorrhea Testing, Hepatitis B Vaccine, STD Testing- Substance Use Disorder: Intensive outpatient alcohol and drug abuse treatment is open to men and adolescent...

  • Renaissance Treatment Center

    Agency: Renaissance Treatment Center

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Provides an individualized treatment program built upon cognitive- behavioral change and 12-step philosophy emphasizing the client’s strengths and competencies, non-denominational spirituality, and continuing care placement.Most programs offered both day and evening: Addiction Evaluations Mental Health Evaluations Alcohol...

  • Total Health Care, Substance Abuse Program

    Agency: Total Health Care

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers substance abuse assessments and evaluations, individual, family and group counseling, intensive outpatient program, acupuncture, outpatient detox, primary medical care for patients in the substance abuse program, dual diagnosis treatment (mental health and substance abuse), gender specific groups, specialized treatment for H...

  • Total Health Care, Division Street

    Agency: Total Health Care

    OVERVIEW: Provides general medical health services and specialized health care for people who are HIV+.SERVICES:1) GENERAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides physical exams, hearing and eye exams, allergy tests, prescriptions, administration of medications, dentistry (routine, preventive), immunizations, family planning and prenatal care, OB/GYN services, r...

  • Total Health Care, Open Gates Health Center

    Agency: Total Health Care

    OVERVIEW: Provides general medical health services and specialized health care for people who are HIV+.SERVICES: 1) GENERAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides physical exams, hearing and eye exams, allergy tests, prescriptions, administration of medications, dentistry (routine, preventive), immunizations, family planning and prenatal care, OB/GYN services, ...

  • University of Maryland Medical Center, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program

    Agency: University of Maryland Medical System

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides traditional and intensive outpatient treatment, substance abuse education, individual and family counseling, referral to long-term Buprenorphine maintenance, and random urinalysis. Also refers individuals to outpatient detox.

  • Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

    Agency: Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of detoxification, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse services.SERVICES:1) INPATIENT/PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM: Addresses the needs of the individuals who have a addictive disease, mental health and co-occurring disorders in a group setting. Services includes detoxification, sub-acute medical stabilizatio...

  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake

    Agency: Volunteers of America Chesapeake

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and housing assistance. SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides psychiatric out patient and rehabilitation services to adults with mental illness and residential rehabilitation services 2) SHELTER PLUS CARE: Provides permanent housing, rental assistance and psychiatric rehabilitative services to mentally ill h...

  • A Helping Hand

    Agency: A Helping Hand

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides outpatient substance abuse services and information and referral to additional community resources. Services include Counseling for individuals, groups and families,methadone maintenance, urine drug screening and alcohol testing. 

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