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  • Hope Health Systems

    Agency: Hope Health Systems, Inc

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides direct mental health, substance abuse, and community support services to adults, children, and adolescent clients in institutional and outpatient settings in Maryland1) OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH CARE (OMHC): Offers group, invidual and family therapy. 2) EXPANDED SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH (ESMH): Provides mental health as...

  • Insight Treatment Centers, Camp Springs

    Agency: Insight Treatment Centers

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES: Offers outpatient substance abuse counseling, DWI treatment/education program and anger management classes.See separate listing for College Park location. 

  • JAEL Health Services

    Agency: JAEL Health Services

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment such as methadone maintenance, counseling, and education and treatment planning. Must have experienced one year of opiate addiction. 

  • Man Alive, Substance Abuse Education

    Agency: Man Alive

    EDUCATION: Offers educational series for drug users and family/friends of loved ones using drugs. Check the website for an updated schedule of educational discussions. 

  • Main Place Treatment Centers

    Agency: Main Place Treatment Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Provides a range of outpatient substance use disorder treatments for adults, including early intervention, outpatient counseling, groups, intensive outpatient (IOP), suboxone treatment, Vivtrol injections, and medically assisted detox. Medical services such as suboxone treatment and medically assisted detox are currently off...

  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center, Westminster

    Agency: Mountain Manor Treatment Centers

    OVERVIEW: Offers substance abuse evaluation, DWI and DUI services and counseling on an outpatient basis. Referral to inpatient services are available. SERVICES:1) ALCOHOL EDUCATION PROGRAM: Offers a 12 hour program broken into six, 2-hour sessions. Sessions are held on Mon, 2-4PM. Individuals are typically referred by a lawyer or social service age...

  • Renaissance Treatment Center

    Agency: Renaissance Treatment Center

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Provides an individualized treatment program built upon cognitive- behavioral change and 12-step philosophy emphasizing the client’s strengths and competencies, non-denominational spirituality, and continuing care placement.Most programs offered both day and evening: Addiction Evaluations Mental Health Evaluations Alcohol...

  • Talbot Partnership for Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention

    Agency: Talbot Partnership for Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention

    OVERVIEW: Community based coalition that works with groups to empower them to attack the risk factors associated with alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse amongst youth adults. Also offers parent education workshops and drug-free workplace assistance.SERVICES:1) GUIDING GOOD CHOICES: Offers a 4-week program for families of 4th-8th graders on how to kee...

  • University of Maryland Medical Center, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program

    Agency: University of Maryland Medical System

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides traditional and intensive outpatient treatment, substance abuse education, individual and family counseling, long-term Buprenorphine maintenance, and random urinalysis. Also refers individuals to outpatient detox.

  • Up and Out Foundation

    Agency: Up and Out Foundation

    1)  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Can provide financial assistance to help pay for substance use treatment or medication assisted treatment such as Vivtrol or Suboxone. Applications for financial assistance are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please apply for funds online.  SUBSTANCE USE EDUCATION: Provides...

  • Wicomico County Health Department

    Agency: Wicomico County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of health services and community education to residents of Wicomico County.SERVICES:1) CHILD, ADOLESCENT & FAMILY OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH: Provides outpatient mental health services for children, adolescents and their families.3) ADULT INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM: For individuals that require more structure and sup...

  • Youth Development Services

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Economic Opportunity Committee

    COUNSELING: Provides therapeutic counseling to youths. Offers individual, group and family counseling, substance abuse assessments, mental health assessments and referrals, psychological services, crisis intervention, outreach programs, substance abuse education, and information.

  • Alcohol and Drug Intervention, Substance Use Treatment

    Agency: Alcohol and Drug Intervention

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Provides outpatient substance abuse treatment, including relapse prevention and alcohol/drug education. Also offers a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) education class.

  • Allegany County Health Department, Behavioral Health

    Agency: Allegany County Health Department

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides mental health services to county residents ages 3 and above. Offers a substance abuse prevention program as well as an out-patient program and residential treatment facilities for adults who are chemically dependent. SERVICES:-- ASSESSMENT: Serves as a first step to obtaining treatment. Level of care will be determined a...

  • Anne Arundel County Department of Health, Substance Abuse Prevention Services

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Department of Health

    STRENGTHENING FAMILY: Provides a 14-session alcohol and drug prevention program for inmates under the correctional center and their children ages 6-17. Also provides the sessions in schools throughout Anne Arundel County. Assists family by providing education and training on alcohol and drug abuse. Methadone clinics are available as well. Will also...

  • Care Consultants

    Agency: Care Consultants

    COUNSELING AND REFERRAL: Provides counseling, training, and educational programs to youth, families and returning citizens (ex-offenders). Services include:--Tutoring & Mentoring--Personal Responsibility Training--Life Skills Training --Conflict Resolution --Behavior and Anger Management--Team Building Training--Family Preservation Training --Indiv...

  • Carroll County Health Department, Community Tobacco Coalition

    Agency: Carroll County Health Department

    EDUCATION: Works to increase the awareness to the dangers of tobacco use, vaping and second hand smoke by providing resources regarding their effects and establishing smoke-free environments. Works to discourage youth from using tobacco products and promotes legislative issues that enhance and enforce tobacco control. Provides updated information o...

  • Eastern Shore Psychological Services

    Agency: Eastern Shore Psychological Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides outpatient mental health treatment and rehabilitation services for children, families, and adults. Also offers treatment for dual diagnosis, depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral problems, violence and aggression, trauma, PTSD, anger management, DWI cases, alcohol/drug abuse, support for families, children and adults coping with ...

  • For All Seasons

    Agency: For All Seasons

    OVERVIEW: Provides services for victims of sexual assault/rape and offers Counseling services for mental health.SERVICES:1) CRISIS CENTER: Provides 24-hour hotline and advocacy response to victims of rape/sexual assault and victims or witnesses of other violent crimes.2) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides mental health services to children, adolescen...

  • Howard County Health Department, Substance Abuse Services, Education Services

    Agency: Howard County Health Department

    EDUCATION SERVICES: Offers free literature, speakers for community groups, alcohol and drug awareness programs for senior citizens, and recreational programs for high risk youth. Call and ask to speak with the Prevention Coordinator for more information. 

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