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  • Main Place Treatment Centers

    Agency: Main Place Treatment Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Provides a range of outpatient substance use disorder treatments for adults, including early intervention, outpatient counseling, groups, intensive outpatient (IOP), suboxone treatment, Vivtrol injections, and medically assisted detox. Medical services such as suboxone treatment and medically assisted detox are currently off...

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, Addiction & Mental Health Center

    Agency: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and substance abuse services to residents in need.SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:o Inpatient mental health: Provides comprehensive care for individuals, ages 13 and older, in need of short-term crisis stabilization services. o Partial hospitalization: Offers a group-oriented, structured program for individuals, ...

  • Total Health Care, Substance Abuse Program

    Agency: Total Health Care

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers substance abuse assessments and evaluations, individual, family and group counseling, intensive outpatient program, acupuncture, outpatient detox, primary medical care for patients in the substance abuse program, dual diagnosis treatment (mental health and substance abuse), gender specific groups, specialized treatment for H...

  • Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

    Agency: Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of detoxification, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse services.SERVICES:1) INPATIENT/PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM: Addresses the needs of the individuals who have a addictive disease, mental health and co-occurring disorders in a group setting. Services includes detoxification, sub-acute medical stabilizatio...

  • ABA Health Services, Substance Use

    Agency: ABA Health Services Inc

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Provides alcohol and drug detox, counseling, and medication evaluation. 

  • Access Carroll Integrated Health Care

    Agency: Access Carroll

    HEALTH CARE: Offers lost cost health care to eligible uninsured and low-income individuals. Provides medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Services include medication assistance, laboratory testing, physician referrals, community resources, and patient education. Offers lower cost dentures. Outpatient behavioral health and ambulatory det...

  • Baltimore Crisis Response, Detox Unit

    Agency: Baltimore Crisis Response

    DETOX UNIT: Provides a 3 to 7 day detox program for uninsured and underinsured people. Program consists of intensive counseling and education.  

  • Hope House Treatment Center, Anne Arundel County, Detoxification Services

    Agency: Hope House Treatment Center

    DETOXIFICATION: Provides a 5-10 day substance abuse detoxification program. Also offers medical monitoring, group and individual counseling, substance abuse education, and chemical assistance detoxification. Uses suboxone/buprenorphine and vivitrol injections to treat opioid addiction. Participants who complete the detoxification program are eligib...

  • Hudson Health Services

    Agency: Hudson Health Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides inpatient addiction treatment and tools for recovery that includes transitional and halfway housing. SERVICES: 1) AMBULATORY DETOX: Provides detox safely to end the physical effects of alcohol or drugs while living at home. Counseling sessions are included along with case management and resource referrals for a continuance of ca...

  • Johns Hopkins Bayview, Center for Chemical Dependence

    Agency: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

    INPATIENT DETOX: Provides a 3-day, 18-bed, inpatient medical detoxification program for both alcohol and drugs. Patients are discharged on the fourth morning, pending any problems. Client is then referred to an appropriate rehabilitation program.

  • Ashley Addiction Treatment, Detoxification

    Agency: Ashley Addiction Treatment

    DETOXIFICATION: Provides a 28-day alcohol and substance abuse detox program for men and women, which includes a relapse prevention program.  Also offers a 35 day recovery program for people addicted to pain substances. 

  • Avery Road Treatment Center

    Agency: Avery Road Treatment Center

    * * * NOTE: The site is currently under renovation and operating at the building across the street, however they do not wish to change their current information and would rather have people call the office to be directed to their temporary site. * * * DETOXIFICATION: Patients remain in this inpatient unit for 3-7 days for ages 18 & older. Once deto...

  • Gaudenzia, Alcohol and Drug Use Treatment

    Agency: Gaudenzia

    ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE TREATMENT: Includes non-hospital detoxification, outpatient, intensive outpatient, short and long term residential rehabilitation for men or women, and pregnant or parenting women with children. Also, provides treatment for the dually diagnosed. Services include individual, group and family counseling; drug and, alcohol urinaly...

  • Hope House Treatment Center, Prince George's County

    Agency: Hope House Treatment Center

    OVERVIEW: Offers detox, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse services.  SERVICES:1) DETOXIFICATION: Provides a 3-10 day detoxification program. Also offers medical monitoring, group and individual counseling, substance abuse education and chemical assistance detoxification (suboxone and buprenorphine). 2) INPATIENT SERVICES: Offers a 14-28 day ...

  • Kent County Behavioral Health, AF Whitsitt Center

    Agency: Kent County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides an intermediate inpatient care facility for individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders. Assists clients in achieving a better quality of life through prevention, intervention, comprehensive treatment and recovery support services. Also offers medically monitored detoxification for alcohol, opiate and/or benzodiazepine depe...

  • Pathways Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

    Agency: Anne Arundel Medical Center

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides referral service and treatment to people with co-occurring disorders (substance use and mental health disorders). Services include inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation, ambulatory detoxification, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, DWI treatment, and an at-risk program for ado...

  • Shoemaker Center

    Agency: Carroll County Health Department

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides a detox and inpatient center for treatment of substance abuse. Clients receive individual and group counseling.

  • Phoenix Health Center

    Agency: Phoenix Health Center

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Provides medically assisted substance use treatment for people with opiate use disorder. Treatments include methadone maintenance, Suboxone/Sublocade/buprenorphine, and Vivitrol. Levels of care include outpatient treatment and detox services. Program can support individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use ...

  • Psychiatric Institute of Washington, The

    Agency: Psychiatric Institute of Washington, The

    OVERVIEW: Offers in-patient care, substance abuse services, and specialized services.SERVICES:1) ADULT SERVICES: Provides inpatient psychiatric services to adults 18 and older, including those with a dual diagnosis.2) CHILD & ADOLESCENT SERVICES: Offers an inpatient psychiatric program for youth ages 11-17.3) SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES: Provides a 3-...

  • Mercy Medical Center, Inpatient Substance Detoxification Unit

    Agency: Mercy Medical Center

    INPATIENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Provides a 7-day, inpatient treatment program for detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs. Program includes evaluation, education, counseling, support groups and aftercare services. 

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