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  • Hope Health Systems

    Agency: Hope Health Systems, Inc

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides direct mental health, substance abuse, and community support services to adults, children, and adolescent clients in institutional and outpatient settings in Maryland1) OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH CARE (OMHC): Offers group, invidual and family therapy. 2) EXPANDED SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH (ESMH): Provides mental health as...

  • Peninsula Addictions Services

    Agency: Peninsula Regional Health System

    ADULT INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM (IOP): Provides addictions treatment to adult 18 years of age and older. Provides treatment in three phases by identifying individual needs. Offers a twelve step recovery program and transitional program. IOP treatment allows alcohol and drug dependent adults to continue to working, raising families and living at ...

  • Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

    Agency: Warwick Manor Behavioral Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of detoxification, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse services.SERVICES:1) INPATIENT/PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM: Addresses the needs of the individuals who have a addictive disease, mental health and co-occurring disorders in a group setting. Services includes detoxification, sub-acute medical stabilizatio...

  • Wells House

    Agency: Wells House

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Offers residential and outpatient treatment for men and woman ages 18 years and older whose primary disorder is substance abuse.SERVICES:1) RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT PROGRAM: A 4 to 6-month treatment program for men and woman. Individuals with co-occurring mental health diagnoses may be eligible if substance use disorder is pri...

  • Worcester County Mobile Crisis Response Team

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    NOTE: MCRT responds to Worcester County residents & visitors only.MOBILE CRISIS: Provides 24-hour response to individuals experiencing  an emergency mental health crisis and offers addiction assessment on the scene. Also attempts to connect individuals to community resources as appropriate.MCRT is called by law enforcement. They may file an emergen...

  • ABA Health Services, Substance Use

    Agency: ABA Health Services Inc

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Provides alcohol and drug detox, counseling, and medication evaluation. 

  • Allegany County Health Department, Behavioral Health

    Agency: Allegany County Health Department

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides mental health services to county residents ages 3 and above. Offers a substance abuse prevention program as well as an out-patient program and residential treatment facilities for adults who are chemically dependent. SERVICES:-- ASSESSMENT: Serves as a first step to obtaining treatment. Level of care will be determined a...

  • Austin Addiction & Mental Health Center

    Agency: Austin Addiction and Mental Health Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides a range of outpatient substance use treatment options, specializes in working with individuals who are dually diagnosed. SUBSTANCE USE COUNSELING: Provides substance use assessment, outpatient substance use counseling, and mental health treatment, as well as an intensive outpatient (IOP) program, and DWI education. Utilized a cog...

  • Dorchester County Health Department

    Agency: Dorchester County Health Department

    ADDICTIONS PROGRAM: Provides evaluations, counseling, and referral services for those who are drug and alcohol dependent. Offers outpatient substance abuse treatment; intensive outpatient program; detox referral; DWI addictions counseling; family addictions counseling; aftercare program; community outreach services; adolescent program, including sc...

  • Hudson Health Services

    Agency: Hudson Health Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides inpatient addiction treatment and tools for recovery that includes transitional and halfway housing. SERVICES: 1) AMBULATORY DETOX: Provides detox safely to end the physical effects of alcohol or drugs while living at home. Counseling sessions are included along with case management and resource referrals for a continuance of ca...

  • Caroline Counseling Center

    Agency: Caroline County Health Department

    COUNSELING CENTER: Offers individual and group therapy to those with drug and alcohol problems. The addiction program provides outpatient service at the health dpt. and in schools. Referrals to other treatment programs and agencies are made if appropriate.- FAMILY THERAPY: Offers counseling for families and significant others of clients and they di...

  • Carroll County Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Carroll County Health Department

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides substance use assessment and treatment. Provides mental health evaluation and treatment. 

  • Chase Brexton Health Services, Substance Abuse

    Agency: Chase Brexton Health Services

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides substance abuse screenings, evaluations, interventions and counseling. Offers buprenorphine therapy and an intensive outpatient program. 

  • Frederick County Health Department, Adult Substance Use Screening

    Agency: Frederick County Health Department

    SCREENING AND REFERRAL UNIT: Serves as a first step for individuals seeking substance use treatment. Provides clinical assessment of the person's recovery needs, followed by referrals and linkages to community treatment providers at the appropriate level of care. Referrals can be made to outpatient treatment, IOP, detox, support groups, or inpatien...

  • Harford County Division of Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Assessment

    Agency: Harford County Health Department

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE ASSESSMENT: Conducts intake and assessment for both adult and adolescents to determine appropriate level of care and treatment plan. Also provides walk-in urinalysis. 

  • Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

    Agency: Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides treatment for alcohol and/or substance addiction. Offers assessments, counseling, and medication maintenance.  

  • Act II Counseling Services

    Agency: Act II Counseling Services

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Provides drug and alcohol assessment, education and treatment. Also provides an intensive outpatient treatment program, women's counseling groups, dual diagnosis, inpatient rehabilitation program for individuals with severe substance abuse/alcohol problems and DUI/DWI classes.  

  • Baltimore City WARMS Center

    Agency: Baltimore City Health Department

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE CRISIS SERVICES: The Withdrawal and Referral Management Stabilization (WARMS) program offers urgent/walk-in screening and referral 24 hours a day,  biopsychosocial assessment to determine treatment needs and appropriate level of care, and inpatient stay for up to 7 days detox. Referral to another level of care will be offered after ...

  • College Park Youth and Family Services

    Agency: College Park Youth and Family Services

    OVERVIEW: Seeks to promote positive youth development and prevent juvenile delinquency and family disruption. Works with youth who are experiencing difficulties in school, at home, with peers, or with the law.SERVICES:1) FAMILY FOCUS COUNSELING: Offers counseling to individuals, families and groups, including filial and child-centered play therapy....

  • Crossroads Centers, Frederick

    Agency: Crossroads Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Adults and adolescents with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, persons with HIV/AIDS, and DUI/DWI offenders, intensive out-patient counseling. Also provides confidential assessments, evaluations, and referrals as well as education and prevention services, family counseling programs, urine screenings and inte...

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