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  • For All Seasons

    Agency: For All Seasons

    OVERVIEW: Provides services for victims of sexual assault/rape and offers Counseling services for mental health.SERVICES:1) CRISIS CENTER: Provides two 24-hour hotlines, Spanish and English, a text line, and advocacy response to victims of rape/sexual assault and victims or witnesses of other violent crimes.2) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides menta...

  • Prince George's County Response System

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    Provides crisis services for PG County residents.Crisis Services Provides an operations center open 24/7, 365 Mental health counselors screen calls, assess danger, and triage calls to urgent care, MCT, or in-home intervention. Manage calls with crisis plan Provides I&R from a database Offers links to treatment and support systems Offers mental heal...

  • Montgomery Count Department of Health and Human Services, Crisis Center

    Agency: Montgomery County Special Needs Housing

    OVERVIEW: Provides crisis mental health services.SERVICES:1) CRISIS TELEPHONE SERVICES: Provides 24-hour telephone services, including information and referral, clinical crisis intervention, supportive listening and crisis line for the hearing impaired.2) AFTER-HOURS CRISIS BACK-UP: Provides back-up on evenings, holidays and weekends to Montgomery ...

  • Mobile Crisis of Harford County

    Agency: Sheppard Pratt Health System

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides emergency mental health assessments, referrals to mental health resources, hospital admissions, if required, critical incident stress management services, and urgent psychiatric appointments if needed. Does NOT provide shelter, housing, financial assistance, or transportation. 

  • Baltimore Crisis Response, Mobile Crisis Team

    Agency: Baltimore Crisis Response

    MOBILE CRISIS TEAM: Responds to emergency mental health crisis calls. The team of a mental health professional and a nurse goes to the caller's home, workplace, or community location to assess the person's needs and initiate the least restrictive intervention. Must be within Baltimore City. 

  • Eastern Shore Operations Center, Mobile Crisis Team

    Agency: Eastern Shore Operations Center

    MOBILE CRISIS TEAM (MCT): Intervenes with callers referred from ESOC who are experiencing a mental health emergency. MCT assists law enforcement and emergency responders by providing behavioral health crisis consultation and intervention through a range of services including assessment, crisis intervention, supportive counseling, and follow-up. Pro...

  • Worcester County Mobile Crisis Response Team

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    MOBILE CRISIS: Provides 24-hour response to individuals experiencing an emergency mental health crisis and offers addiction assessment on the scene. Also attempts to connect individuals to community resources as appropriate. MCRT is called by law enforcement. They may file an emergency petition if necessary and follow the officer and client to Tida...

  • Affiliated Sante Group, Montgomery County

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    OVERVIEW: Provides outpatient, recovery, peer led and crisis services in several counties in MD.SERVICES:1) OUTPATIENT: Offers outpatient counseling, psychiatric evaluations, medication management and diagnostic services.2) COUNSELING: Individual, group, couples and family therapy is provided. In-home support services are offered to through the Sen...

  • Grassroots Crisis Intervention, Mobile Crisis Team

    Agency: Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

    MOBILE CRISIS TEAM: Responds with the police to psychiatric emergencies, traumatic death situations, and intense family conflicts.

  • Child and Adolescent Mobile Crisis Services, Washington County

    Agency: Institute for Family Centered Services

    MOBILE CRISIS INTERVENTION: Offers 24 hour mental health crisis intervention and behavioral de-escalation for children and adolescents within Washington County. They will help to develop a plan for further treatment and offer referrals and links to community resources and services.   

  • Adult Mobile Crisis Services, Frederick County

    Agency: Way Station

    COVID-19 UPDATE 12/1/2020: Mobile crisis is no longer offering in-person assessments due to the increase of COVID cases in the county. ***MOBILE CRISIS INTERVENTION: Offers intensive mental health crisis intervention to families and individual residents of the county ages 18 and over. Trained and licensed professionals offer face to face interventi...

  • Wicomico County Health Department, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Wicomico County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides diagnostic, treatment  and group therapy services for children and adolescents with mental illness. Families may be seen on a case by case. Offers psychiatric evaluations and 24 hour crisis intervention. Also provides dual diagnosis treatment for adults with substance abuse and mental health diagnosis.-PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION:...

  • Carroll County Crisis Response System

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    CRISIS SERVICES: Operations Call Center Operates 12 hours a day/365 days a year Calls are screened by mental health counselors Danger/lethality of the caller’s situation is assessed Calls are triaged to urgent care, mobile crisis team or in home intervention team Cases are managed with a crisis plan Information and referrals drawn from a comprehens...

  • Baltimore County Crisis Response System

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    COVID-19 Information: Community education is now virtual due to the pandemic.Offers crisis services for Baltimore County residents and mental health education for the community.CrisisOperations Call Center Answers and screens calls and triages calls to MCT, urgent care, or home intervention team. Assesses danger of situation. Offers a crisis plan t...

  • QualityCare Internet, Mobile Treatment Services Program

    Agency: QualityCare Internet

    MOBILE TREATMENT SERVICES Provides help to those living with mental illness that includes ongoing psychiatric care and medication management and individual, family and group therapies. All services are personally planned for and with each patient to promote and guide each one to wellness, stable housing, insurance, social security and entitlements,...

  • Anne Arundel Crisis Response, Mobile Crisis Team

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency

    MOBILE CRISIS TEAM: Offers assistance with emergency mental health crisis calls. Mental health professionals and case associates go to the caller's home, workplace or community location to assess the person's needs and initiate the least restrictive intervention. Generally the person in crisis needs to consent to receiving services, call for more i...

  • Baltimore Child and Adolescent Response System

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    COVID-19 Update: Office is closed to the public. Referrals accepted through Baltimore Crisis Response.OVERVIEW: Provides a short term (2 week) crisis intervention program. Offers individual and family therapy, intensive in-home interventions, psychiatric support and evaluation, medication management and case management, as well as urgent school res...

  • Child and Adolescent Mobile Crisis Services, Frederick County

    Agency: Sheppard Pratt Health System

    COVID-19 UPDATE:  ONLY complete a referral if: Caller asks for mobile crisis AND they meet the standard that would justify a mobile referral  If caller could benefit from Family Preservation***CRISIS RESPONSE: Provides in-home de-escalation and crisis intervention for children and adolescents under the age of 18. Trained workers offer face to face ...

  • Deaf Addiction Services at Maryland

    Agency: University of Maryland Medical System

    OUTPATIENT SERVICES: Provides outpatient and intensive outpatient (IOP) services to individuals with substance abuse and alcohol concerns. Services include access to additional services for detoxification, methadone maintenance, DWI/DUI, counseling, substance abuse and psychiatric assessment, mobile assessment, medication management, case managemen...

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