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  • Life Crisis Center

    Agency: Life Crisis Center

    VICTIMS SERVICES: Provides a wide range of support services to victims of  domestic violence and sexual assault to women, men and children. Also offers a free confidential 24 hour hotline and 2-1-1 information and referral service.- 24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: Provides crisis intervention services for all callers in need that may result in dispatching ...

  • Boys Town National Hotline

    Agency: Boys Town

    TELEPHONE COUNSELING: Provides trained counselors to facilitate problem-solving regarding issues such as pregnancy, gang involvement, running away, suicide, eating disorders, depression and abuse. Long-term problems, or those that cannot be adequately dealt with over the telephone, are referred to appropriate resources in the caller's community. Se...

  • Community Crisis Services (CCSI)

    Agency: Community Crisis Services

    24-HOUR HOTLINES: 24-hour Crisis Hotlines answered by trained counselors providing support, crisis intervention, post-intervention and information and referral. Counsels callers who are homeless, suicidal, in mental health crises, in need of community information and/or general support. Also provides 24/hour 211MD information and referral resources...

  • Grassroots Crisis Intervention, 24-Hour Crisis Intervention and Referral

    Agency: Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

    24-HOUR CRISIS INTERVENTION AND REFERRAL: Offers a hotline and walk-in counseling center for those in need of immediate assistance with a personal, situational, or mental health crisis. Services are free of charge and confidential. Certified suicide prevention center.  

  • Mental Health Association of Frederick County, Hotline / 211 Call Center

    Agency: Mental Health Association, Frederick County

    OVERVIEW: Provides free confidential telephone services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for callers of all ages in the Western Counties of the state.SERVICES:1)  211: Provides information and referral to a variety of governmental, health and human services as well as supportive listening to individuals of all ages regarding a variety of issues incl...

  • Anne Arundel Crisis Response

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    Provides callers in crisis with information and referral to appropriate services. A mobile crisis unit is available to go to a caller's location to assess his/her situation. Also provides a homeless outreach. SERVICES:1) 24-HOUR INFORMATION AND REFERRAL WARMLINE/CRISIS LINE: Crisis counselors evaluate each caller's situation and make referrals to a...

  • Baltimore County Crisis Response System

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    BALTIMORE COUNTY HOTLINE: Provides support triage, assessment, and linkage to community resources. IN-HOME INTERVENTION: Provides brief crisis stabilization services in home and in a community setting. MOBILE CRISIS TEAM: Works with the county police to assess, triage, and stabilize situations involving mental health issues. The team can be dispatc...

  • Lighthouse, Youth & Family Services, Crisis Intervention

    Agency: Lighthouse, Inc.

    CRISIS INTERVENTION: Offers assistance to individuals and troubled families with children in need. Call for services. If caller is suicidal, appropriate referral is provided. 

  • Mobile Crisis of Harford County

    Agency: Sheppard Pratt Health System

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides emergency mental health assessments, referrals to mental health resources, hospital admissions, if required, critical incident stress management services, and urgent psychiatric appointments if needed. Does NOT provide shelter, housing, financial assistance, or transportation. 

  • Baltimore Crisis Response, Mobile Crisis Team

    Agency: Baltimore Crisis Response

    MOBILE CRISIS TEAM: Responds to emergency mental health crisis calls. The team of a mental health professional and a nurse goes to the caller's home, workplace, or community location to assess the person's needs and initiate the least restrictive intervention. Must be within Baltimore City. 

  • Baltimore Crisis Response, 24 Hour Crisis Information and Referral Hotline

    Agency: Baltimore Crisis Response

    24-HOUR CRISIS INFORMATION & REFERRAL HOTLINE: Provides trained crisis counselors to evaluate each caller's situation and make referrals to appropriate helping organizations. Works in partnership with Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore and Health Care Access Maryland to connect callers to resources to help with mental health or substance abuse con...

  • Eastern Shore Operations Center

    Agency: Eastern Shore Operations Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides information and assistance and a mobile crisis team for individuals experiencing behavioral management concerns.SERVICES:1) INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: Provides callers with linkage to community resources for behavioral health and human service resources.2) MOBILE CRISIS TEAMS (MCT): Intervenes with callers referred from  ESOC who ...

  • Maryland Crisis Connect

    Agency: Maryland Department of Health

    CRISIS INTERVENTION: Offers crisis intervention & linkage with local community resources, information and referral and telephone support for anyone experiencing a crisis. Assistance is available by phone, text, and chat. Chat services can be reached at Provides trained crisis counselors to assist indivi...

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL)

    Agency: Mental Health Association of New York City

    LIFELINE: Provides suicide prevention & intervention services available to anyone in suicidal crisis. Has over 150 crisis centers across the country, linking the caller to immediate assistance 24 hours a day. Chat services are also available on the website. To look up crisis center locations across the United States, go to https://suicideprevention...

  • Trevor Project, The

    Agency: Trevor Project, The

    SUICIDE PREVENTION: Operates crisis and suicide prevention lifeline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. Also provides additional resources. 

  • Asian American Suicide Prevention and Education

    Agency: Asian American Suicide Prevention and Education

    SUICIDE PREVENTIOM: Provides suicide prevention hotline. 

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