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  • Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

    Agency: Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

    HOTLINE: Operates a hotline for victims of rape, incest, or sexual abuse that automatically connects callers to a rape center in their community where they can receive counseling and support.

  • TurnAround, Towson

    Agency: TurnAround, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides comprehensive services to victims of sexual violence (domestic violence, incest, rape, sex trafficking, and sexual assault/abuse) including advocacy, crisis response, support, and trauma therapy. Offers a 26-week Abuse Intervention program. Also, the Community Education Department provides education to professionals and the commu...

  • Life Crisis Center

    Agency: Life Crisis Center

    VICTIMS SERVICES: Provides a wide range of support services to victims of  domestic violence and sexual assault to women, men and children. Also offers a free confidential 24 hour hotline and 2-1-1 information and referral service.- 24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: Provides crisis intervention services for all callers in need that may result in dispatching ...

  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center at the University of Maryland Prince George's Hospital Center

    Agency: Prince George's Hospital Center

    CRISIS INTERVENTION: Offers crisis counseling, follow-up counseling, forensic exam, victim advocacy, and community education. Works with DSS and the State's Attorney's office to assist victims and the police department. Provides court companionship and victim impact statements. Can arrange for presentations regarding sexual abuse and prevention fo...

  • Family Crisis Resource Center

    Agency: Family Crisis Resource Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides a 24 hour Hotline and other comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault or abuse.SERVICES:1) 24 HOUR HOTLINE: Provides crisis and supportive counseling, crisis intervention, emotional support, information and referral services to domestic violence, rape crisis, and sex trafficing survivors.2) SH...

  • For All Seasons

    Agency: For All Seasons

    OVERVIEW: Provides services for victims of sexual assault/rape and offers Counseling services for mental health.SERVICES:1) CRISIS CENTER: Provides 24-hour hotline and advocacy response to victims of rape/sexual assault and victims or witnesses of other violent crimes.2) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides mental health services to children, adolescen...

  • Center for Abused Persons

    Agency: Center for Abused Persons

    OVERVIEW: Offers a 24-hour hotline for persons who are in crisis and services for survivors who have been sexually or physically abused.SERVICES:1) CRISIS INTERVENTION HOTLINE: Provides 24-hour hotline for persons in crisis. Trained volunteers and staff offer supportive telephone counseling and referral services to persons who are lonely, depressed...

  • Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Hotline, Baltimore County

    Agency: Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County

    HOTLINE: Provides crisis intervention and referrals to services for victims of domestic violence/sexual assault. 

  • TurnAround, Baltimore

    Agency: TurnAround, Inc.

    Provides services to victims of sexual violence (domestic violence, incest, rape, sex trafficking, and sexual assault/abuse) including advocacy, crisis response, support, and trauma therapy. The Community Education Department provides education to professionals and the community. SERVICES:1) 24-HOUR HOTLINE: Provides crisis response to survivors of...

  • HopeWorks of Howard County, 24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline

    Agency: HopeWorks of Howard County

    24-HOUR SEXUAL ASSAULT HOTLINE: Offers crisis counseling and information and referral to victims of sexual assault. 

  • Bridge, The

    Agency: Cecil County Department of Social Services

    VICTIMS SERVICES: Provides services for victims and their family of domestic violence with assistance from community-based programs. Also serves as the Rape Crisis line for Cecil County.- 24-HOUR HOTLINE: Offered to persons with questions or concerns regarding domestic violence or sexual assault.- SHELTER: Provides shelter for women, with or withou...

  • Montgomery County Crisis Center

    Agency: Montgomery County Special Needs Housing

    OVERVIEW: Provides crisis mental health services.SERVICES:1) CRISIS TELEPHONE SERVICES: Provides 24-hour telephone services, including information and referral, clinical crisis intervention, supportive listening and crisis line for the hearing impaired.2) AFTER-HOURS CRISIS BACK-UP: Provides back-up on evenings, holidays and weekends to Montgomery ...

  • Prince George's Hospital Center

    Agency: Dimensions Healthcare System

    OVERVIEW: Offers a range of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services.SERVICES:1) CARDIAC CARE CENTER: Specializes in balloon angioplasty, catheterization and open heart surgery. 2) MATERNAL/CHILD HEALTH CENTER: Includes a neonatal intensive care unit and a perinatal center. 3) SEXUAL ASSAULT CENTER: Offers free services to any age vic...

  • Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County, Information and Referral Hotline

    Agency: Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County

    INFORMATION AND REFERRAL HOTLINE: Provides a 24-hour hotline where counselors give support, crisis counseling and information and referral. Persons needing long-term therapy and children under age 12 are referred to appropriate programs. 

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