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  • Stella Maris, METOO Program

    Agency: Stella Maris

    METOO! PROGRAM: Provides group and individual counseling to children, pre-school age through high school, who have lost a loved one. Home visits and parent training are also available.  

  • Maryland COVID-19 Crisis Support Program

    Agency: Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems

    Provides individual counseling, group support, self-care and stress management education, management consultation, debriefings, bereavement coaching, and wellness and stress management discussions.

  • Martinsburg Veterans Center, Bereavement Counseling

    Agency: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

    BEREAVEMENT COUNSELING: Offers counseling for friends and families of veterans who died while in active duty. Visit to ensure that all benefits are being received.

  • Give an Hour

    Agency: Give an Hour

    COUNSELING: Provides free mental health services to active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve forces, and veterans who have separated or retired from any branch of military service. Also serves family members and loved ones of those who have served in the military. Visit to ensure that all benefits are being recei...

  • First Candle

    Agency: First Candle

    BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT: Provides grief support on the phone and through online support groups to bereaved families/individuals who have experienced the loss of an infant to SIDS, accidental suffocation, stillbirth or miscarriage. Downloadable bereavement support materials are available on the website. Offers advocacy, community education, and supports...

  • University of Maryland, Center for Infant & Child Loss

    Agency: University of Maryland School of Medicine

    SUPPORT: Provides free counseling and referrals for families that have unexpectedly lost a child up to age 16. Offers trainings and educational lectures to organizations and professionals on bereavement, risk reduction, SIDS and other issues related to child death. Services may also be offered to grandparents, siblings, day care providers, and othe...

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