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  • ABA Health Services, Counseling and Psychiatric Rehabilitation

    Agency: ABA Health Services Inc

    COUNSELING AND EVALUATION: Offers psychiatric diagnostic and evaluation, individual, family, and group therapy. Psychiatric medication is available to individuals who see the psychiatrist. Offers assistance with anger management, eating disorders, grief counseling, parenting, and domestic violence.PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION: Provides individuals wi...

  • Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office, Family Bereavement Center

    Agency: Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office

    COVID-19 Update:  Agency is closed until futher notice. Individuals can leave a message for their therapist. INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY COUNSELING: Offers one-on-one and family counseling. Special arrangements for evening appointments are available.MUTUAL SUPPORT GROUPS: Offers support groups for adults every other Tue. Call for schedule. Individual evalu...

  • Bon Secours Hospital, Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent and Family Development Center

    Agency: Grace Medical Center

    CHILD/ADOLESCENT & FAMILY DEVELOPMENT CENTER: Provides out-patient mental health services to youth, and their families. Designed to strengthen family bonds, improve overall family functioning and increase the problem-solving and coping skills of individual members. Offers grief and loss therapy, sexual abuse counseling for children and a learning l...

  • Catoctin Counseling Center

    Agency: Catoctin Counseling Center

    COUNSELING: Provides individual, family, couples, and adolescents counseling regarding various issues including but not limited to domestic violence, mental and sexual abuse, grief, trauma, and anger management. Offers batterers counseling, sex offender counseling, abuse survivor support groups, a substance abuse and chemical dependency program, DU...

  • Pro Bono Counseling Project, The

    Agency: Pro Bono Counseling Project, The

    INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: Provides information and referral to pro bono mental health services that specialize in the treatment of individuals, family, and couples issues such as separation, divorce and children's issues relating to divorce, anxiety and depression, problems with self-esteem and social interaction, grief and loss issues, victims of ...

  • Jack E Barr Center for Well-Being

    Agency: San Mar Family and Community Services

    OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH: Specializes in children and adolescents who have experienced trauma, but will work with individuals of all ages. Provides individual counseling, couples counseling, parent-child conflict counseling, grief counseling, anger management, school-based therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management.   

  • Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center

    Agency: MedStar Health

    MEDICAL SERVICES: Offers medical health services. Provides inpatient care in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and psychiatry. Administers emergency services 24 hours a day with access to multiple medical specialties. Provides ongoing medical care for adults and adolescents 14 years and older to meet basic health care needs.  Also offer specialty servi...

  • Centrepointe Counseling

    Agency: Centrepointe Counseling

    COUNSELING: Provides a Christian-based mental health service which works with individuals, families, churches, organizations, and families to improve relationships, deal with emotional and spiritual struggles, negotiate life transitions, and find meaning from the center of one's life. Issues may include, but are not limited to pre-marital counselin...

  • Family Services Association

    Agency: Family Services Association

    COUNSELING:- INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY COUNSELING: Offers counseling to address issues such as parent-teen conflict, depression, child abuse, sexual abuse, grief and loss, single-parenting, elderly needs, stress, anxiety, marital conflict and children's school or behavioral problems. Also provides counseling for batterers.- MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION AND...

  • Jewish Social Service Agency

    Agency: Jewish Social Service Agency

    OVERVIEW: Provides counseling, employment services, hospice, in-home support, and senior services. SERVICES:1) COUNSELING: Offers individual and marital counseling in regards to anxiety, depression, social anxiety, aging issues, bereavement, stress management, parenting, communication, conflict resolution, etc. Also, provides individual and group c...

  • Center for Families in Transition

    Agency: Center for Families in Transition

    OVERVIEW: A multi-disciplinary team providing mental health services to individuals, couples and families who are hearing, hard of hearing and deaf. Our therapists are fluent in American Sign Language. SERVICES:1) MARRIAGE/SEPARATION/DIVORCE: Provides preventive and therapeutic counseling services to those who are experiencing change to their marit...

  • Congruent Counseling Services

    Agency: Congruent Counseling Services

    COUNSELING: Provides individual and family counseling for depression, grief, cognitive behavioral health, anger management, suicide prevention, anxiety, as well as psychiatric treatment and other mental health services. Offers treatment via telehealth as well.

  • Moving Forward Counseling Services

    Agency: Moving Forward Counseling Services

    MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Offers psychotherapy inclufding individual therapy, group therapy (anger management, self-esteem and social skills groups), marriage and family counseling, clinical evaluations and referral services. Can assist individual seeking assistance for ADHD, anger management, anxiety, bipolar disorder, child abuse, crisis interventi...

  • Psychological Services Center

    Agency: Psychological Services Center

    OVERVIEW: Offers psychological testing and therapy to children and adults in need.SERVICES:1) INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY: Provides counseling for individuals with adjustment, anxiety, depressive, panic, stress related disorders, and dual diagnosis. Also work-related and woman's issues, bereavement, phobias, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 2) COUP...

  • Vital Sources Psychological Services

    Agency: Vital Sources

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides professional psychotherapy, counseling, assessment, consulting and other psychological services for individuals, families and groups. Clinicians offer faith-based therapy services to clients of all ages, across a diverse range of cultural and religious backgrounds and with a wide variety of therapeutic concerns. SERVICES:1) ...

  • Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center, Counseling

    Agency: MedStar Health

    COUNSELING: Offers outpatient and inpatient psychiatric care for adults, adolescents, children and families. Treatment for children and their families includes play therapy, family therapy, parent guidance work, medication treatment and psychological testing and evaluation. 

  • William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing, Counseling and Bereavement Services

    Agency: William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

    COUNSELING AND BEREAVEMENT SERVICES: Provides counselors to work individually with clients in processing grief or trauma. Provides play therapy at the office, local schools, community centers and other social service agencies, to facilitate on-site support for children. Offers weekly support groups for those who have lost a love one.  Provides cris...

  • Pastoral Counseling & Consultation Center of Greater Washington

    Agency: Pastoral Counseling & Consultation Center

    COUNSELING: Offers individual, family, marital and group counseling.  Covers a variety of topics such as anxiety and depression, stress and anger management, sexuality, childhood and adolescent transitions, addictions, loss and grief, abuse and aging for individuals.  Provides premarital counseling, intensive sessions for couples/families and coupl...

  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

    Agency: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

    HOTLINE:  Provides information and referral as well as peer based telephone reassurance, 24/7, to those who have lost a loved one in the military.ONLINE SUPPORT: Provides access to online communities, an online resource library, referrals to counseling, and also information about local in-person support groups for those who have lost a loved one in...

  • Bereaved Parents of the USA, Anne Arundel County

    Agency: Bereaved Parents of the United States of America

    SUPPORT: Offers friendship understanding, and support for families through monthly self-help meetings, peer counseling, newsletters, and memorial services. Focus is on aiding families with the positive resolution of the grief experienced at the death of a child or sibling. Meetings are held on the 1st Thur of each month at Calvary United Methodist ...

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