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  • Mentor Network, Therapeutic Foster Homes

    Agency: Mentor Network, The

    THERAPEUTIC FOSTER HOMES: Provides placement within foster homes for children and adolescents with severe emotional disorders, mild intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities.

  • Washington County Diversion Program

    Agency: Pressley Ridge Western Maryland

    NOTE: Referred to program by DJS (Department of Juvenile Services) except for children in need (CINS). CINS must be parent referred. OVERVIEW: Works with parents and appropriate community agencies to provide youth ages 8-18 with an alternative to entering the juvenile justice system. Works with youth who have not previously been found guilty throu...

  • Woodbourne Center, Treatment Foster Care

    Agency: Woodbourne Center

    FOSTER CARE: Provides a community based treatment modality which trains and licenses treatment foster care parents to provide in-home care to emotionally troubled children and adolescents. Provides case management, crisis intervention when necessary, 24-hour on-call service and respite care.

  • Cedar Ridge Children's Home for Boys

    Agency: Cedar Ridge Ministries

    NOTE: For initial admission children must be enrolled/attend public or non-public school and be referred by DJS, DSS,  Board of Education or Core Service Agency.RESIDENTIAL HOME: Provides residential care for boys ages 10 to 21 who are at risk, been abused, neglected, abandoned, adjudicated, and emotionally challenged. Youth enrolled int he program...

  • Board of Child Care, Treatment Foster Care

    Agency: Board of Child Care

    THERAPEUTIC FOSTER CARE: Program provides therapeutic, nurturing, community-based therapeutic foster homes to those who need a higher level of care than what is provided in traditional foster care homes.

  • Children's Guild, The, Residential Living

    Agency: Children's Guild

    RESIDENTIAL LIVING: Offers therapeutic group homes. 

  • Children's Guild, The, Treatment Foster Care Center

    Agency: Children's Guild

    TREATMENT FOSTER CARE CENTER: Provides care for at-risk children and adolescents who demonstrate specific emotional, biological and behavioral deficits resulting from a traumatic past. These include learning disabilities, traumatic stress disorder, conduct problems, aggression, emotional fragility, separation, loss, maltreatment, and who are low fu...

  • Harford County Department of Social Services, Adoption and Foster Care Services

    Agency: Harford County Department of Social Services

     Offers adoption services and foster care licensing.SERVICES:1) ADOPTION: Provides services which enable legally free children to become adopted. Services are initiated by foster care staff for children who have been maltreated or have been in foster care with no chance of returning to their families. Children are placed with adoptive parents who p...

  • Howard County Department of Social Services, Foster Care and Resource Homes

    Agency: Howard County Department of Social Services

    FOSTER HOME PLACEMENT: Places children in either foster homes or group homes when it is clearly determined that the children can no longer remain in their own homes. Placements are court-ordered. Returning home is the primary focus of DSS. Also recruits foster care families and provides licenses for families that provide 24-hour care for non-relate...

  • Oak Hill House

    Agency: United States Fellowship, Inc.

    RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT: Provides a residential treatment program for at risk adolescent males.  Program teaches life skills training, education and after care planning to prepare them to successfully re-enter the community and continue to function as active and responsible members of society. Therapeutic family weekends are held three times a year a...

  • Safe Families for Children

    Agency: Building Families for Children

    SHORT-TERM SHELTER: Provides volunteer "host parents" to temporarily house and care for a child while their parent(s) deals with homelessness, joblessness, drug addiction, or other life crisis. * Biological parents maintain full custody* "Host parents" are extensively screened, trained and monitored. They are also supported with a network of volunt...

  • Helen Smith Girls' Home

    Agency: Hearts and Homes for Youth

    FOSTER CARE: Offers a community-based group home for eight adolescent females. Aimed at providing a long-term (12-18 months) residential placement to youth, ages 15-19. Provides a structured environment which is staffed 24-hours by counselors. Resident attends an accredited educational program. Each has the opportunity to learn self-control strateg...

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