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  • Gribbin Center

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    DAY PROGRAM: Offers a weekly program. Provides three programs for intellectually disabled persons, ages 21 and older. Two of the programs are vocational workshops in which clients learn skills and get paid for the work they produce. The third program is an activity program for those who are medically complex. For additional location, see separate l...

  • Intervals Day Habilitation Center

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    SUPPORT SERVICES: Specializes in supporting adults with developmental disabilities who are medically fragile with complex health needs. Offers the MOVE curriculum to teach people to sit, stand, and walk with specialized adaptive equipment. Provides environmental accessibility to permit greater maneuverability as well as a  wheelchair garden, courty...

  • Pleasant Day Medical Adult Day Care Center

    Agency: Dorchester County Commission on Aging

    MEDICAL ADULT DAY CARE: Provides specialized medical day care services to persons with medical conditions, e.g. diabetes, coronary disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, or dementia have resulted in substantial health impairment. Certified nursing staff provide health monitoring, supervision and administration of medications, recreational and social...

  • Star Community

    Agency: Star Community

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of services for individuals with developmental disabilities.SERVICES:1) RESIDENCES: Provides a full range of services including to small group homes with emphasize on independent living skills and 24 hour individualized assistance. People we support contribute as able to every aspect of life at their home including m...

  • Worcester Adult Medical Day Services

    Agency: Worcester County Commission on Aging

    ADULT MEDICAL DAYCARE: Offers Adult Medical Day Care or Senior Center Plus to persons in need. AMDC requires minimum attendance two times per week. Senior Care Plus requires minimum attendance once per week. Services includes nursing, personal care, recreation, educational, therapeutic activities, nutritional meals, snacks, exercise and rest. Also ...

  • Active Day

    Agency: Active Day

    ADULT DAY CARE: Offers an adult day health center which provides medical supervision, escort service, case management and social activities. Completes care assessments for each member, provides on-site speech, physical and occupational therapy, offers medication management, skilled nursing, and assists with bathing, feeding, dressing, mobility and ...

  • Adult Day Care of Calvert County

    Agency: Adult Day Care of Calvert County

    ADULT DAY CARE:  Provides adult day care services to eligible persons. Services include a structured program of recreational activities and outings, assistance with activities of daily living, memory stimulation, physical exercise, medication administration, nursing care and meals. Door to door transportation to and from the Center, 2 snacks and lu...

  • Allegany County Area Agency on Aging

    Agency: Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission

    OVERVIEW: Provides services to people age 65 and older as well as individuals 18 and older with disabilities.  Some services include information and assistance about long-term services and supports to allow individuals to remain at home and plan for future needs, senior centers, Ombudsman program, and a call center.SERVICES:1) GUARDIANSHIP PROGRAM:...

  • Caroline County Medical Adult Day Care Program

    Agency: Caroline County Health Department

    MEDICAL ADULT DAYCARE: Offers a medical adult daycare to persons in need. Participants are required to attend the center at least two to five times a week for a minimum of four hours. Services includes skilled nursing, personal care, recreation, educational, therapeutic activities, nutritional meals, snacks, exercise, and rest. Also provides transp...

  • Community Living, Day Program

    Agency: Community Living

    1) RETIREMENT OUR WAY-DAY PROGRAM (ROW): For seniors with developmental disabilities. Provides recreation, arts and crafts, trips and other activities.2) VOCATIONAL DAY PROGRAM: Provides training and job coaching for people with mental and or cognitive disabilities.3) DAYHABILITATION: Provides day services for people with intellectual and developme...

  • Community Support Services

    Agency: Community Support Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services to children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. SERVICES:1) SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT: Offers qualified persons assistance in finding and maintaining jobs. Services include, but are not limited to, life-skill development, job development, job coaching, transportation, money management, recreat...

  • Delmarva Daybreak - Hurlock

    Agency: Delmarva Community Services

    SENIOR CENTER: Provides case management, nutritious meals/snacks and medication management. Also offers recreation, educational, therapeutic and social activities daily. Round trip transportation to the center is thru Delmarva Transit and also provides respite care and support to caregivers during the center's hours of operation. 

  • Developmental Disabilities Administration, Western Region

    Agency: Developmental Disabilities Administration

    INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY SUPPORT: Provides information through programs that offer individual and family support, case management, residential services, supportive employment, adult day programs, group homes and alternative living units for the developmentally disabled and their families. Office accepts applications and places clients in appropriate p...

  • Gallagher Services, Catholic Charities, Day Program

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    DAY PROGRAM: Provides day habilitation, supportive employment services, and meaningful day supports for persons with intellectual disabilities. 

  • George's Creek, Lonaconing Adult Care Center

    Agency: Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission

    OVERVIEW: Provides individuals 16 and older with mental, physical or developmental disabilities a daily structured socialization and health care program. Provides clients with transportation to and from center as well as 2 meals and 1 snack per day.SERVICES:SOCIALIZATION: Offers daily living skills and recreational activities including bowling, day...

  • Daybreak Adult Day Services

    Agency: Daybreak Adult Day Services

    COVID19 UPDATE: All services have been suspended but virtual support is being offered to current clients.ADULT DAY PROGRAM: Day center for adults 55 and older living with age related challenges such as dementia, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Medical and non-medical programs include stimulating activities, exercise, nutritious meals...

  • Maryland Access Point, Worcester County

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Offers assistance for older adults and individuals with disabilities. It is a statewide resource for information and assistance about long-term services and supports to allow individuals to remain at home and plan for future needs. MAP services is comprised of programs from the Worcester County Health Dpt, Dpt of Social Services, and Comm...

  • Arc Carroll County, The, Day Rehabilitation Program

    Agency: Arc of Maryland

    DAY REHABILITATION PROGRAM: Offers a rehabilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities who need pre-employment and daily living skills training.

  • Athelas Institute, Alternative Opportunities

    Agency: Athelas Institute

    ALTERNATIVE OPPORTUNITIES: Provides a day program and residential living for adults with intellectual disabilities co-existing with a psychiatric diagnosis. Offers vocational training for persons whose illness severely impacts their activities of daily living and who do not have the tolerance for full time work. Also offers training in daily living...

  • Athelas Institute, Day Habilitation Program

    Agency: Athelas Institute

    DAY HABILITATION PROGRAM: Offers meaningful day including basic living skills, activities, community involvement for those with more severe intellectual disabilities. Also offers experiences to develop work skills as well as community work skills training.

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