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  • Workforce Technology Center

    Agency: Maryland State Department of Education

    EMPLOYMENT: Provides vocational evaluation assessment; occupational skills training; medical functional evaluation; career assessment and training; mobility training; placement assistance; rehabilitation technology assessments; driver's education; occupational and physical therapy; hearing and speech services and recreation services. Individuals li...

  • Alliance

    Agency: Mosaic Community Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides vocational rehabilitation services for adults with severe, persistent mental illness, developmental and physical disabilities.SERVICES:1) VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION SERVICES DIVISION: Offers vocational evaluations, job skills training and employment possibilities. o VOCATIONAL EVALUATION/SKILLS TRAINING: Performs comprehensive ass...

  • Allover Healthcare Group, Community Supported Employment Services

    Agency: Allover Healthcare Group

    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT: Provides job development, initial and ongoing support services to assist the client with obtaining and maintaining paid employment that would not be achievable without supports. Assists client and employer in resolving workplace issues. 

  • Arc Baltimore, The, Community Employment

    Agency: Arc Baltimore, The

    COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT: Places individuals in community based jobs that match their career interests.Includes janitorial, landscape and subcontract business work.MEANINGFUL DAY PROGRAMS: Offers an array of community based supports, senior focused engagement and non-center based services.PRE-EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Offers a variety of transition services...

  • Arc Carroll County, The, Vocational Training

    Agency: Arc of Maryland

    VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Provides accredited vocational evaluation and training. Clients are then placed in supported employment. 

  • Arc of Southern Maryland, Calvert County, The

    Agency: Arc of Southern Maryland, The

    OVERVIEW: The Arc of Southern Maryland creates opportunities for independence and personal success for people with different abilities in inclusive communities.SERVICES:1) COMMUNITY SUPPORTED LIVING: Designed to support the daily needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living independently in their own homes. Support servic...

  • Arc of Southern Maryland, St. Mary's County, The

    Agency: Arc of Southern Maryland, The

    OVERVIEW: The Arc of Southern Maryland, St. Mary's County creates opportunities for independence and personal success for people with different abilities in inclusive communities.SERVICES:1) COMMUNITY SUPPORTED LIVING: Designed to support the daily needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living independently in their own ho...

  • Arc of Howard County, The, Supported Employment Services

    Agency: Arc of Howard County, The

    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Utilizes employment discovery process, provides job development, placement, training and coaching to adults 21 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ongoing development of new business partners and employment opportunities as well as maintaining successful relationships with our established commu...

  • Bay Community Support Services, Edgewater Office, Supported Employment

    Agency: Bay Community Support Services

    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT: Provides services to persons 18 years of age and older that include job development and placement, skills assessment, job coaching and two-way transportation between the job site and home. 

  • Chimes Maryland, Work Opportunities

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    WORK OPPORTUNITIES: Assists with job coaching and job development in competitive integrative employment setting. Develops appropriate behaviors, skills and work habits necessary for employment.. Serving individuals with intelectual disabilities. 

  • Community Support Services

    Agency: Community Support Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services to children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. SERVICES:1) SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT: Offers qualified persons assistance in finding and maintaining jobs. Services include, but are not limited to, life-skill development, job development, job coaching, transportation, money management, recreat...

  • Gallagher Services, Catholic Charities, Day Program

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    DAY PROGRAM: Provides day habilitation, supportive employment services, and meaningful day supports for persons with intellectual disabilities. 

  • CHI Centers

    Agency: CHI Centers

    OVERVIEW: Provides support service for adults with intellectual disabilities. SERVICES: 1) GENERAL SERVICES: Provides professional counseling; speech, physical and occupational therapy; testing and evaluations. 2) VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Operates workshops which train participants in all aspects of printing, packaging and mail services and in basic...

  • Chimes Maryland, Chimes School

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    CHIMES SCHOOL: Serves children and youth ages with a diagnosis of autism, intellectual disabilities, and/or multiple disabilities. Offers pre-vocational and vocational training in clerical, product assembly, housekeeping, food service, horticulture, maintenance, woodworking, and sewing. The COACH program assists students with a history of behaviora...

  • Goodwill Industries, Mission Services

    Agency: Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, Inc.

    CAREER SERVICES: No-cost career services to find employment and advance your career.  Offers access to community resources, career assessments, computer and soft skills trainings, connections to job leads, interview skills development, job postings, job search strategies, labor market information, one-on-one career coaching and resume assistance.

  • Alliance, Baltimore City

    Agency: Mosaic Community Services

    OVERVIEW:Provides case management and homelessness prevention for Veterans and their families. VETERANS VOCATIONAL SERVICES: Offers vocational evaluations, job skills training and employment possibilities. Performs comprehensive assessments to help veterans explore career options based on aptitudes, abilities, interests, temperament, interpersonal ...

  • America Works of Maryland

    Agency: America Works of Maryland

    JOB SEARCH AND PLACEMENT: Provides job placement services. Additional support services are: case management, life skills training, conflict management, mentoring, computer training, and money management counseling. Also, offers the Ticket to Work (TTW) program to those who are looking to transition back into competitive employment. TTW offers benef...

  • Arc Carroll County, The, Day Rehabilitation Program

    Agency: Arc of Maryland

    DAY REHABILITATION PROGRAM: Offers a rehabilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities who need pre-employment and daily living skills training.

  • Arundel Lodge

    Agency: Arundel Lodge

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides day rehabilitation, and an outpatient mental health clinic that includes a dual-diagnosis recovery program. Also offers special programs for members of the geriatric and deaf populations. Additionally has a residential program and offers supported employment.

  • Athelas Institute, Alternative Opportunities

    Agency: Athelas Institute

    ALTERNATIVE OPPORTUNITIES: Provides a day program and residential living for adults with intellectual disabilities co-existing with a psychiatric diagnosis. Offers vocational training for persons whose illness severely impacts their activities of daily living and who do not have the tolerance for full time work. Also offers training in daily living...

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