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  • Lions Community Outreach Foundation

    Agency: Lions Community Outreach Foundation

    OVERVIEW: The Lions Community Outreach Foundation is a community based non-profit organization whose primary objective is to prevent vision and hearing loss. SERVICES: 1) VISION AND HEARING SCREENING: Provide free vision, glaucoma, and hearing screenings at health fairs, area businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, senior centers...

  • Low Vision Center

    Agency: Low Vision Center

    VISUAL IMPAIRMENT: Provides information, referral and product suggestions to those with low-vision and visual disabilities. Newsletter published quarterly.

  • Total Health Care, Community Clinics

    Agency: Total Health Care

    OVERVIEW: Provides general health services and specialty services for people who are HIV+.SERVICES:1) GENERAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides physical exams; dental (children and adults) hearing and eye exams; allergy tests; prescriptions; administration of medications; splints; immunizations; family planning and prenatal care; referrals for hospital-bas...

  • VSP Global, Eyes of Hope

    Agency: VSP Global

    EYE CARE: Provides access to low-cost eye care and eyewear. Gift certificate program to ensure that adults and children, including those affected by disaster, have no-cost access to eye care, including glasses, through a local VSP network doctor. 

  • EyeCare America, Glaucoma Eye Care

    Agency: The Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology

    GLAUCOMA EYE CARE: Offers a glaucoma eye exam for those who are determined to be at increased risk for glaucoma based on age, race, and family history of glaucoma.

  • Fort Lincoln Family Medicine Center

    Agency: Providence Hospital

    HEALTH CARE: The Center strives to help families care for themselves and stay healthy through regular appointments, immunizations, screening test, and information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.The center offers the following health care services, and more, to keep every member of your family feeling healthy and strong: Prenatal and Maternity C...

  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center

    Agency: Greater Baltimore Medical Center

    GENERAL AND MEDICAL SERVICES: Provides treatment to those seeking medical attention. Provides a facility to take care of mammograms, look at breast cancer options and other breast - related health care issues. Family support groups, oncology support groups, prostate (US TBO) and others.  Provides information on Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Laparosc...

  • Maryland Society for Sight

    Agency: Maryland Society for Sight

    EYE CARE: Offers vision screenings for preschoolers at certain schools. Offers visual acuity and glaucoma screenings for adults. Also, provides educational activities to prevent unnecessary vision loss and promote eye health and safety. 

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    Agency: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    HEALTH CARE: A full service, acute care hospital that provides surgical and emergency services, internal medicine, occupational and physical therapy, psychiatry, radiation oncology and chemotherapy, dental and ophthalmology care, obstetrics, diabetes management, home health care, social work services, woman's health and specialized care. See separa...

  • Central Union Mission

    Agency: Central Union Mission

    FAITH-BASED COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE: Offers several faith-based programs for the community serving different, target populations. Also operates a retreat and recreation center featuring a summer camp for underprivileged children in Brookeville, MD.- Men's Emergency Services: Provides an emergency shelter program and transitional, low-cost housing for ...

  • Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, Low Vision Eye Care

    Agency: Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind

    LOW VISION SERVICES: Provides assessment and counseling to persons who are losing their eyesight. Licensed optometrists conduct comprehensive eye exams to determine vision aids needed. Provides follow-up exams and instruction in the use of low-vision aids, such as magnifiers, visors, filters and large print materials. Counseling and support session...

  • Grantsville Lions Club Eye Care Program

    Agency: Grantsville Lions Club

    EYE CARE: Provides financial assistance for eye exams and glasses to individuals referred by Department of Social Services (DSS). Also offers scholarships to Northern HS students and coordinates special projects and events throughout the community.

  • Greater Baden at Brandywine

    Agency: Greater Baden Medical Services

    OVERVIEW: Offers dental, mental heath and general health services.  SERVICES:1) DENTAL SERVICES: Cleanings, filling and other services are offered. Clinic hours: Mon & Tues. 8AM-5PM, Wed. 9AM-8PM, Thurs. 8AM-6PM, Fri. 8AM-4PM, 1st Sat of Month 9AM-2PM2) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Must be referred by the primary care physician. LIMITED. Provides outpat...

  • Greater Baden at Capitol Heights

    Agency: Greater Baden Medical Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides general health services and case management.SERVICES:1) CASE MANAGEMENT: Individual case management is available to eligible clients.2) HEALTH INFORMATION: Individual health promotion is offered for nutrition, disease prevention, and AIDS/HIV prevention.3) SCREENING: Screening for AIDS/HIV, lead poisoning, TB and pregnancy.4) CHI...

  • Shepherd's Table, Eye Clinic

    Agency: The Shepherd's Table, Inc.

    VISION SERVICES: Address the acute needs of the uninsured for vision testing, glaucoma screening, and prescription eyeglass service. Clients must meet eligibility requirements to receive free eye care. Clients must arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled appointment times with a valid photo ID and provide their own interpreter services if they do not ...

  • Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

    Agency: Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

    CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Offering COVID-19 testing, call 410-601-2222 to speak with a provider and be screened for testing, patients who are eligible for testing will be scheduled at a Lifebridge testing location.HOSPITAL: Full service hospital providing inpatient and outpatient medical services, community outreach and health education.  

  • Mission of Mercy

    Agency: Mission of Mercy

      NOTE: Dental program and new clients without an appointment are seen on a first come first serve basis. People should arrive prior to 6AM to increase their chances of being seen.  MEDICAL CARE: Provides free medical services through mobile primary care doctor’s office which is fully equipped with registration and triage pe...

  • Mobile Eyewear Services

    Agency: Mobile Eyewear Services

    EYE CARE: Provides mobile eye care. Professionals will travel to the home to administer eye exams and deliver glasses. 

  • Prevention of Blindness Society, Eyeglass Clinic

    Agency: Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington

    EYEGLASS CLINIC: Provides low-cost glasses to low-income and homeless individuals at the Prevention of Blindness shop. No eye exam available. 

  • EyeCare America, Senior Eye Care

    Agency: The Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology

    SENIOR EYE CARE: Provides seniors a comprehensive medical eye exam and up to one year of care-at no out of pocket cost for any disease diagnosed during the initial exam.

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