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  • Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services, Transitional Aged Youth Program

    Agency: Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services

    TRANSITIONAL AGED YOUTH PROGRAM (TAY): Helps individuals ages 16 to 24 learn the skills needed to obtain independent housing, competitive employment and a positive, sustainable peer social support system. 

  • Freedom Center

    Agency: Freedom Center, The

    OVERVIEW:  Provides assistance and advocacy to help individuals with disabilities lead independent and productive lives.SERVICES:1) INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING: Assists with achieving highest level of independence possible in the home, family or community through money and time management, cooking, cleaning, laundry and travel training.2) IN...

  • Kent County Department of Social Services, In-Home Aide Services

    Agency: Kent County Department of Social Services

    IN HOME AIDE: Provides assistance with activities of daily living for persons who are frail, elderly, physically, mentally or emotionally disabled, at-risk of abuse or neglect or need help during an illness. They assist with personal care, housekeeping, budgeting, laundry, and meal preparation. Also offers support services for parents who have trou...

  • Delmarva Community Services

    Agency: Delmarva Community Services

    SUPPORT SERVICES:VOCATIONAL PROGRAM: Provides pre-vocational training and employment, based on client's level of independence. Provides transportation to and from the workplace. Offers assessments of job skills, computer training, life skills, work force resources and job coach.RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM: Provides 25 group homes serve developmentally disa...

  • Deaf Independent Living Association, Residential Support Services

    Agency: Deaf Independent Living Association

    RESIDENTIAL SUPPORT SERVICES: Offers services to any person who has not been successful or have never lived independently to help them become as self-sufficient as possible out in the community. Includes persons living in specialized housing or in their own homes.

  • Developmental Disabilities Administration, Eastern Shore

    Agency: Developmental Disabilities Administration

    PROGRAM SCREENING & REFERRAL: Provides information regarding programs that offer individual and family support, residential services, supportive employment, and case management. Also provides community learning services to provide resources that assist individuals and their families in obtaining services through the DDA as well as other state, loca...

  • Developmental Disabilities Administration, Western Region

    Agency: Developmental Disabilities Administration

    INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY SUPPORT: Provides information through programs that offer individual and family support, case management, residential services, supportive employment, adult day programs, group homes and alternative living units for the developmentally disabled and their families. Office accepts applications and places clients in appropriate p...

  • Valor Crisis & Training Center, Earn While You Learn EWYL Program

    Agency: Valor Ministries

    EARN WHILE YOU LEARN LIFE DEVELOPMENT CLASSES: Teaches critical life management skills to help clients function independently in the community.  Helps individuals reach their goals by teaching critical life management skills that may never have been learned or have been lost during physical or mental illness, domestic violence, substance use, incar...

  • Vesta, Lanham

    Agency: Vesta Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides housing options, mental health resources and case management.SERVICES:1) HOUSING: Provides single family homes. In-home visits and services also are provided.o Peldon House is a group home for 6 clients with dual diagnosis.2) MENTAL HEALTH: Offers psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psycho e...

  • National Children's Center, Residential Programs

    Agency: National Children's Center

    RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS: Offers residential and transitional living homes for individuals 18 years old and up. Independent apartments, and supervised apartments for men and women with developmental disabilities. Supports vary, based upon individual needs. Promotes independence and community integration. 

  • National Children's Center, Adult Day Program

    Agency: National Children's Center

    ADULT DAY PROGRAM: Offers participants activities focused on communication (including sign language and other alternatives to speech), expressive arts, physical fitness, socialization, adaptive living, and basic academics to help with everyday tasks. Also, offers classes that build life skills such as preparing nutritious meals, maintaining good pe...

  • People Encouraging People, Wraparound Services

    Agency: People Encouraging People

    WRAPAROUND SERVICES: Offers supports  in a community setting to help individuals reach optimal health.  Deaf Unity assists individuals with a mental illness diagnosis, who are deaf or blind, focusing on skills acquisition, language acquisition, and community integration. Transitional Age Youth Program helps young people with mental health, emotiona...

  • National Children's Center, School Programs

    Agency: National Children's Center

    SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Offers educational approaches using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods. Functional academics and life skills are taught, such as pedestrian safety, making purchases, paying bills, food preparation, cooking meals, and household cleaning tasks. Teachers, counselors, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, social w...

  • Youth Autism Services

    Agency: League for People with Disabilities, The

    YOUTH AUTISM SERVICES: Offers assistance with behavior management, social skils development, life skills and intervention for children with autism. Services include after school program, respite services and intensive in home or community based supports.

  • Community Services for Autistic Adults & Children

    Agency: Community Services for Autistic Adults & Children

    OVERVIEW: Provides early intervention, education, residential and employment services to children and adults with autism.SERVICES:1) EARLY INTERVENTION: Offers intensive early intervention services for children ages 2-6 years. Taking place in the home, parents work with teachers and psychologists to develop language, social, academic, and living sk...

  • Star Community

    Agency: Star Community

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of services for individuals with developmental disabilities.SERVICES:1) RESIDENCES: Provides a full range of services including to small group homes with emphasize on independent living skills and 24 hour individualized assistance. People we support contribute as able to every aspect of life at their home including m...

  • Arc Montgomery County, The

    Agency: Arc Montgomery County, The

    OVERVIEW: Offers an array of services for individuals and families affected by developmental and intellectual disabilities.SERVICES:1) ADULT RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: Community living support in single family homes, townhouses, condos and apartments. All participants have individual bedrooms.2) ADULT VOCATIONAL & DAY SERVICES: Employment work skills tr...

  • Appalachian Crossroads

    Agency: Appalachian Crossroads

    NOTE: Must be referred by an agency that works with individuals who are developmentally disabled. Call for further information.OVERVIEW: Provides several programs in the county for adult individuals with developmental disabilities.SERVICES:1) RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: Provides residential services in group homes located in the Oakland area of Garrett C...

  • Arc Baltimore, The, Community Living

    Agency: Arc Baltimore, The

    COMMUNITY LIVING: Enables individuals to live in homes and communities of their choosing, alone or with roommates. Individuals receive support specially tailored to meet their needs on a part-time or full-time basis. 

  • Arc of Prince George's County, The

    Agency: Arc of Prince George's County, The

    OVERVIEW: Offers support services to people  with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families.SERVICES:1) DAY SERVICES: Offers community-based adult day services with an emphasis on health and social services for developmentally disabled, health-impaired adults. Strives to improve or maintain their level of functioning to enable ...

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