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  • Medstar National Rehabilitation Network, Bethesda

    Agency: MedStar Health

    OUTPATIENT PHYSICAL THERAPY: Provides outpatient physical therapy for orthopedic injury, surgery, acupuncture services and physical medicine. A psychiatrist is on-staff for mental health needs. Click here for additional locations throughout Maryland.

  • Meritus Health

    Agency: Meritus Health Care System

    OVERVIEW: Offers a comprehensive range of general and specialty services for medical, surgical, pediatric, behavioral, and obstetrical patients. Sophisticated diagnostic testing services, clinical trials, as well as off-site, outpatient diagnostic centers.  SERVICES:1)  CANCER CARE CENTER: Offers comprehensive care including diagnosis, surgery, the...

  • Providence Hospital

    Agency: Providence Hospital

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of medical treatment services specializing in geriatric or older adult care, maternity, behavioral health, oncology, orthopedics, wellness programs, and many more. SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY CARE: Provides emergency and acute care, emergency mental health and addiction treatment, voluntary and involuntary admittance for b...

  • Christiana Care, Union Hospital

    Agency: Christiana Care, Union Hospital

    HEALTHCARE: Provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services and programs to area residents. Offers emergency medical and surgical services, a 15-bed inpatient psychiatric unit, community wellness programs, nutrition education and counseling to individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes, and a diabetes center. Offers a sleep di...

  • Express Care

    Agency: Express Care

    URGENT CARE: Provides a full service medical facility, that offers an alternative to emergency room care for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. The center is equipped with X-ray services, lab, diagnostic imaging equipment such as a EKG, and a pharmacy. Provides on the job injury care for employees with no out of pocket expenses. Offers ur...

  • Garrett Regional Medical Center, Public Relations

    Agency: Garrett Regional Medical Center

    SPEAKER'S BUREAU: Provides a link between the hospital and the public by providing a list of speakers and topics that are available to the community. Speakers are available for a variety of medical and wellness topics, including hospital services, arthritis wellness and cardiac risk factors. If a request is made, the hospital will make every effor...

  • Garrett Regional Medical Center, Emergency Services

    Agency: Garrett Regional Medical Center

    SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY ROOM: Provides diagnosis, care and treatment of all emergency patients. Offers minor and major emergency medical services.2) RAPE/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS: Provides emergency support for victims of rape/ domestic violence. Services include collection of evidence, listings of possible options for action, and referral to Dove C...

  • Calvert Memorial Hospital, Medical & Surgical Services

    Agency: Calvert Memorial Hospital

    HOSPITAL: Provides general medical and surgical services. Also offers a Physician Referral Service which can be accessed by calling 1-888-906-8773.--Center for Breast Care--Ambulatory Surgery --Anesthesiology--Behavioral Health (Adolescent Day Treatment Services)--Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiopulmonary Rehab--Emergency Psychiatric Services--Emerge...

  • Carroll Hospital

    Agency: Carroll Hospital

    HOSPITAL: Provides full spectrum of hospital services. Designated SAFE facility. 

  • Choptank Community Health System

    Agency: Choptank Community Health System

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of primary, medical, dental, and behavioral health services.SERVICES:1) HEALTH INSURANCE ENROLLMENT: Refers individuals to community agencies with trained navigators and assisters responsible for facilitating enrollment and education of consumers of qualified health plans offered through the marketplaces. Open enroll...

  • Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital

    Agency: Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital

    INPATIENT ACUTE REHABILITATION: Provides a 64-bed, inpatient acute rehabilitation center that offers assistance to amputees and persons who have had head and spinal cord injuries adjust to living with their new condition. Also offers arthritis rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, and support groups are available for any persons who have had these types...

  • Frederick Health Medical Group, Crestwood

    Agency: Frederick Health

    HEALTH CARE: Provides advanced Imaging (X-ray, bone density scan, CT, MRI, ultra sound, digital mammogram)  and Rehabilitation services (physical, occupational, speech and speech language therapy), as well as laboratory draw and specimen collection stations. No appointment needed for x-rays or laboratory work. Offices, Medical Fitness program and P...

  • Garrett Regional Medical Center, Wellness

    Agency: Garrett Regional Medical Center

     SERVICES:1) ARTHRITIS/FIBROMYALGIA SUPPORT GROUP: Includes discussions on various issues relating to arthritis. Also offers educational materials and resource information.2) CARDIAC REHAB: Open to patients who have had a cardiac procedure. Must have pyschian referral. Offers issues or who have had3) WEIGHT CONTROL PROGRAMS: Provides programs for p...

  • Garrett Regional Medical Center

    Agency: Garrett Regional Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides general medical care including: acute care, emergency services,  cancer care, physician referral,  maternal and child care,  cardiology,  dermatology, nephrology, laboratory services, wound care, wellness, rehabilitation services, sleep disorder center, CT scanning and x-ray services, home health, hospice care, psychiatric and be...

  • Garrett Regional Medical Center, Patient Care Management

    Agency: Garrett Regional Medical Center

    SOCIAL WORK: Assists patients during hospitalization and with transitioning back to their homes after discharge.   Includes referrals to counseling, post hospitalization placement, and referrals to home health or hospice. Also provides services for preparing living wills and medical power of attorney. 

  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center

    Agency: Greater Baltimore Medical Center

    GENERAL AND MEDICAL SERVICES: Provides treatment to those seeking medical attention. Provides a facility to take care of mammograms, look at breast cancer options and other breast - related health care issues. Family support groups, oncology support groups, prostate (US TBO) and others.  Provides information on Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Laparosc...

  • MedStar St. Mary's Hospital

    Agency: MedStar St. Mary's Hospital

    OVERVIEW: Provides general hospital services. SERVICES:1) AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER: Endoscopy, gynecology, orthopedics and opthamology, urology, general surgery, vascular procedures. 2) DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING DEPARTMENT: Ultrasound, mammography, x-ray, angiography, bone densitometry, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine studies and PET/CT. 3) MATERNAL/CHILD DEPA...

  • Medstar Washington Hospital Center

    Agency: MedStar Health

    HOSPITAL: Operates a full-service hospital, offering a vast array of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services. Provides comprehensive general medical and surgical services, substance abuse services, psychiatric and case management services, hearing and speech services and services for diabetics. Offers a cardiac care program; a compre...

  • Anne Arundel Medical Center

    Agency: Anne Arundel Medical Center

    GENERAL MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SERVICES: Provides inpatient care in medicine, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics and oncology. Facility includes Intensive Care Unit, Stroke Center and Chest Pain Center. Also has an emergency room, outpatient surgery, a breast center and diagnostic services. Offers classes in smoking cessation, st...

  • Anne Arundel Medical Center, Kent Island

    Agency: Anne Arundel Medical Center

    OVERVIEW:  Provides general and acute outpatient services to anyone in need. Offers a urgent care center, a full-service diagnostic radiology center, lab services, and specialty and primary care physicians.  SERVICES:- SPECIALTY SERVICES: Offered on site at the medical center, services includes obgyn, oncology, hematology, general surgery, physical...

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