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  • Outreach for the Needy

    Agency: St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

    NOTE: Targets the Libertytown, New Windsor and Union bridge area. Individuals west of Mt. Pleasant must go to Frederick or Walkersville.OVERVIEW: Provides financial assistance, a thrift shop, food pantry to area residents.SERVICES:1) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides assistance for eviction prevention (renting from company not an individual), utility ...

  • Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs, Healthcare Assistance

    Agency: Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Prescription assistance is available for those needing help with medications and anyone in need may call 240.446.9649 for additional information.*********1.) PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE: Provides pharmacy assistance to Frederick County residents. An active prescription with the name of drug, dosage, quantity and supply indicated, menta...

  • Seton Center

    Agency: Seton Center Outreach Program

    NOTES: Targets northern Frederick County Residents in zip code areas 21719, 21720, 21757, 21773, 21778, 21780, 21783, 21788, and 21798. 21791 on a case by case bases and 17320 at Thanksgiving and Christmas.OUTREACH: Offers emergency help with vouchers for food and items in the thrift shop, emergency dental assistance, utilities, prescriptions (no c...

  • Modest Needs Foundation, Self-Sufficiency Grants

    Agency: Modest Needs Foundation

    SELF-SUFFICIENCY GRANTS: Remits payment to a creditor for an expense on behalf of an otherwise self-sufficient individual or family for a relatively small, emergency expense which the individual or family could not have anticipated or prepared for.  An example may be to cover the cost of an emergency auto repair that must be made if an individual i...

  • United Needs and Abilities

    Agency: United Needs and Abilities

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services to individuals and families effected by epilepsy or developmental disabilities. SERVICES:1) ADULT SERVICES: Provides counseling, information and referral and advocacy to persons with epilepsy and their families. Provides in-service training to professionals who interact with persons with epilepsy.2) SCHOOL ALERT ...

  • CARES, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO)

    COVID-19 Update: Assisting with rent only, open to families living in the designated zip codes.FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Offers financial assistance for legal evictions, prescriptions and eyeglasses.

  • Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services

    Agency: Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides assistance with housing insecurity, utilities, food, and basic needs to individuals and families residing in 20707, 20708, 20723, and 20724.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE SERVICES: Provides advocacy, support and follow-up to individuals and families at risk for eviction or other housing-related crisis. Includes needs assessment...

  • Jill Fox Memorial Fund

    Agency: ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, The

    MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE EXPENSE ASSISTANCE: Provides grants to pay medical and health care expenses for individuals who have exhausted all other financial resources. 

  • Shepherd's Staff, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Shepherd's Staff

    COVID-19 Update: Agency is closed during COVID-19 pandemic. For emergency assistance, leave a message that includes full name and telephone number. Virtual appointments are made for emergency situations only. Individuals can leave a message Mon, Tue and Fri 10AM-2PM and Thu, 10AM-7PM. Appointments may also be made for mail pick up.FINANCIAL ASSISTA...

  • Bethesda Cares

    Agency: Bethesda Cares

    OVERVIEW: Offers professional services to homeless and low-income persons in Montgomery County. Outreach specialist available for referral and counseling. Offers mail pick up. Psychiatrist on-site once weekly. Located at 7728 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda. Open Mon-Fri, 9AM-12:30PM; Mon, Wed. & Fri, 2-5PM; Tues & Thurs 3-5PM.SERVICES:1) FINANCIAL ASSIS...

  • House of Hope

    Agency: House of Hope, Oakland

    OVERVIEW: Provides short term assistance for needy residents of the county.SERVICES:1) FOOD PANTRIES: Operates five food pantries throughout the county Oakland, Deer Park, Hoyes, and Grantsville. Call for an appointment. 2) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Limited financial assistance available, evaluated on a case by case basis. Assistance can be used for em...

  • FISH of Harford County, Financial Assistance

    Agency: FISH of Harford County

    EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides limited funds (last $50) for mortgages, water bills, security deposits, eviction prevention, utility bills and medications (medication is not limited to $50) on an emergency basis.

  • Help and Outreach Point of Entry

    Agency: Help and Outreach Point of Entry

    OVERVIEW: Offers assistance to individuals requesting services by interviewing clients to assess their priority of needs, provide direct services and/or referrals to appropriate agencies and provides guidance with the physical presence of a case manager throughout the process.SERVICES:1) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides assistance with prescriptions,...

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society, Carroll County, Financial Assistance

    Agency: St. Vincent de Paul Society, Carroll County

    COVID-19 Update: Currently, not providing any financial assistance. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Offers limited funds when available for water bills, utility bills, security deposits, evictions, and prescriptions (individuals do not need a referral for assistance with prescriptions). Will need a photo ID and proof of need. Individuals seeking assistance w...

  • Maryland Department of Health, Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program

    Agency: Maryland Department of Health

    OVERVIEW: A statewide program funded primarily through Part B and ADAP Earmark of the Ryan White CARE Act that ensures people living with HIV/AIDS in Maryland have access to the medication they need to stay healthy. PROGRAMS:1) MARYLAND AIDS DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (MADAP): Helps pay for medications for eligible clients and helps clients with insur...

  • American Breast Cancer Foundation

    Agency: American Breast Cancer Foundation

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides individuals in financial need, their families and their loves ones, with education, support and access to early detection. Provides grants to help with the costs of screening and diagnostic tests for breast cancer, including screening and diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, surgical consultations and emergency ...

  • Cancer Care, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Cancer Care

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides limited grants for certain expenses related to treatment.  Please be aware grants are not for basic living expenses such as rent, mortgages, utility payments or food. 

  • National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund

    Agency: National Domestic Workers Alliance

    Provides up to $400 in emergency assistance to home care workers, nannies and house cleaners who are organization members and who are experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic so that they can pay for personal, family, and living expenses incurred as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. These funds can also be used to pay for...

  • One Fair Wage Emergency Fund

    Agency: One Fair Wage

    Provides financial assistance for necessities to restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and other tipped workers who are affected by COVID-19 and who are already members of, or who sign up with One Fair Wage, and who then have a confirmation interview with an organizer. 

  • Southern Smoke Emergency Relief Program

    Agency: Restaurant Workers Community Foundation

    Provides financial assistance for necessities for certain categories of restaurant workers affected by COVID-19.

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