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  • Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, Bureau of Utility of Operations

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Government

    CONSUMER SUPPORT AND COMPLAINTS: Provides Anne Arundel County residents with water service and offers bill assistance resources.--MAINTENANCE: Evaluates and resolves issues or refers customers to the appropriate source for assistance. The types of calls handled include: sewer backups, manhole issues, dirty/rusty water, water pressure issues, meter ...

  • Baltimore City Department of Public Works, Water Bill Assistance

    Agency: Baltimore City Department of Public Works

    CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Water billing will resume May 8, but customers WILL NOT all receive a bill on May 8. Bills are mailed out in cycles by zip codes. Residents should expect higher than normal bills that include charges for part of March and all of April. The City is not shutting off service due to non-payment. DPW encourages customers to continue...

  • Maryland State Public Service Commission

    Agency: Maryland State Public Service Commission

    NEGOTIATION ASSISTANCE: Regulates rates and services for public utilities including gas, electricity, land line telephone service, water (cannot assist with Baltimore City residents), sewerage, steam heating, and most common carriers engaged in transportation within the state. Licenses gas and electric suppliers. A list of licensed suppliers is on ...

  • REACH, Day Resource Center

    Agency: REACH

    COVID19 Update: Day Resource Center is operating on a limited basis. No Hang Out area but you may come in to get water, check mail, and access crisis services. Shower and laundry available on a first come basis Monday and Wednesday 9AM- 1PM.DAY RESOURCE CENTER: Provides a place for homeless individuals needing a place to stay warm/cool, use the res...

  • Washington County Community Action Council

    Agency: Washington County Community Action Council

    OVERVIEW: Provides emergency assistance, education, and ongoing case management to eligible county residents in need. SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: Offers assistance with court evictions, first month’s rent, food pantry services, utility termination and information and referral to other community programs. Must make an appointment and meet inco...

  • WUMCO Help

    Agency: WUMCO Help

    OVERVIEW: Offers emergency food, financial assistance and holiday programs to those in need living in the catchment area.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY FOOD: Available for individuals and families in need. Call for information and press 3 for the Food Coordinator.2) HOLIDAY ASSISTANCE:o THANKSGIVING: Food baskets offered for anyone in need. Must call first....

  • Zion United Methodist Church

    Agency: Zion United Methodist Church

    OVERVIEW: Provides a food pantry and financial assistance to those in need.SERVICES:1) FOOD PANTRY: Offers a food pantry Thurs, 6PM-7PM. Must bring a picture ID proof of need and proof of income.2) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides financial assistance for rent, utilities, water bills, and prescriptions. Must bring a picture ID proof of need and proof...

  • Worcester County Department of Social Services, G.O.L.D.

    Agency: Worcester County Department of Social Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides emergency financial assistance to residents in need. Also offers a variety of volunteer experiences to anyone in the community that would like to help residents in need.SERVICES:1) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Offers financial assistance with utility cut-off, eviction prevention, transportation and prescription assistance. 2) FOOD ASSIS...

  • Bethesda Help, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Bethesda Help, Inc.

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Offer supplemental financial assistance when funds are available for court-ordered evictions or utility shut-off notices (gas, electric and water). They provide the last $750 for these needs. Also provide supplemental financial assistance to supplement costs for prescription medication when funds are available.

  • Damascus Help

    Agency: Damascus Help

    OVERVIEW: Offers financial assistance, food, furniture and transportation to residents living in the catchment area.SERVICES: 1) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Persons who have a court-ordered eviction may be eligible for financial assistance, Medical prescription assistance. Also provides assistance for utilities (electric, gas, water and oil) and other e...

  • Crofton Christian Caring Council, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Crofton Christian Caring Council

    OVERVIEW: A group of churches that have come together to assist residents of Crofton, Gambrills, Odenton, Millersville, Davidsonville, and Crownsville. The funds are pooled and therefore an individual can only receive financial assistance from one of the CCCC member churches per year. Call the appropriate church on the assigned day to inquire about...

  • FISH of Howard County, Financial Assistance

    Agency: FISH of Howard County

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides assistance with evictions, utility turn-offs and prescriptions, water bills and  fuel oil. o EVICTION SUBSIDIES: There is no stated maximum allowance, but all alternative resources must be exhausted before a request is considered. FISH will also call the landlord to confirm need.o UTILITY BILL ASSISTANCE: There is no ...

  • FISH of Harford County, Financial Assistance

    Agency: FISH of Harford County

    EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides limited funds (last $50) for mortgages, water bills, security deposits, eviction prevention, utility bills and medications (medication is not limited to $50) on an emergency basis.

  • Brunswick Ecumenical Assistance Committee on Need

    Agency: Brunswick Ecumenical Asst Committee on Need

    COVID-19 UPDATE:  Food donations are accepted 24 hours a day and can be left on porch.  For larger donations please call ahead to schedule a time.  Items needed are anything with protein, canned meats and fruits, and hamburger helper.1) FOOD PANTRY: Provides emergency food assistance once a month to area residents. Located at 601 East Potomac Stree...

  • Celebration Church, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Celebration Church

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Assists individuals, when funds are available, with BG&E turn-off notices (up to $50), eviction notices ($100) and water bill turn-off notices (up to $50). Individuals should call to confirm availability of funds. At times, will run out of funds. Would like callers to reach out to them to see if they can serve them another way...

  • Montgomery County Housing Stabilization Services, Silver Spring

    Agency: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

    PREVENTION AND CRISIS: Provides assessment and case management services for homeless families seeking emergency shelter. Provides assessment of families and adults in situational crisis to determine factors precipitating the crisis, eligibility for financial assistance (e.g. burial assistance, water bills, utility and fuel assistance, eviction prev...

  • Asbury Church Assistance Network, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Asbury Town Neck United Methodist Church

    COVID-19 Update: Financial assistance is not being offered at this time. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Offers assistance, when funds are available, for BG&E turn off notices, water bills and evictions. Can assist individuals once a year. Must fall within the current Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) income guidelines to be eligible for assistance. ...

  • Associated Charities of Cumberland

    Agency: Associated Charities of Cumberland

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides emergency assistance with utility payments including fuel when shut off notices have been served. Offers rental/mortgage assistance when available, food vouchers for area food pantries, and may be able to help with shelter for homeless or fire victims. Limited clothing on site. Also, provides emergency medication for ...

  • Bowie Interfaith Pantry and Emergency Aid Fund

    Agency: Bowie Interfaith Pantry and Emergency Aid Fund

    1) FOOD PANTRY: Provides food to eligible Prince George's County residents. Pantry may be utilized once or twice a month.2) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Offers financial assistance for utilities (including water bills), mortgage, and rent for City of Bowie residents.  Priority given to seniors, disabled, or families with children.  Assistance is once in a...

  • HOPE of Southern Maryland

    Agency: HOPE of Southern Maryland

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE & FOOD PANTRY:- Financial Assistance: For utility turn-offs, rent, evictions, prescriptions, and other emergency needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Helps clients find jobs online and helps resume. - Food Pantry: Mon-Thurs, 9AM-11:45PM. Pantry may be used every 30 days. must have a picture ID with proof of current r...

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