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  • Better Bedrest, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Better Bedrest

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Must have been ordered by a doctor to bed rest or have pregnancy restrictions causing them not to be able to work (doctor confirmed). Offers an emergency grant to callers with financial needs to pay a small bill including utility, daycare, rent (does not need an eviction notice), and medical bills up to $500. Must prove they w...

  • Modest Needs Foundation, Homecoming Heroes Grant

    Agency: Modest Needs Foundation

    HOMECOMING HEROES GRANT: Provides assistance with an emergency expense such as a medical bill, an auto repair, a large utility bill, etc. Can also assist with a regular monthly bill such as a rental or mortgage payment, which the applicant cannot pay due to issues such as a delay in processing or receipt of active duty paycheck, VA, GI Bill or othe...

  • Final Salute, Loan Program

    Agency: Final Salute

    INTEREST-FREE LOAN: Offers the Savings Assessment and Financial Education (S.A.F.E) program which may provide assistance with rent, deposits, and utility assistance when funds are available to all female Veterans and U.S. military reserve component service members via an interest free loan.  

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