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  • Potomac Edison and Mon Power, Average Payment Plan

    Agency: First Energy Corporation

    PAYMENT PLAN: Offers a program designed to level off payments and avoid high monthly bills during peak seasons. Divides the client's electric bill into 12 monthly payments according to the average electric use of the previous 12 months.

  • Utility Service Protection Program, Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

    Agency: Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

    OVERVIEW: Provides programs for BGE customers to assist in paying their utility bill.SERVICES:1) UTILITY SERVICE PROTECTION PROGRAM (USPP): Offers protection to low-income families from utility cut-offs by allowing MEAP-eligible households to enter into a year-round, even monthly payment program with BGE. Plan is based on estimated cost of customer...

  • Fuel Fund of Maryland

    Agency: Fuel Fund of Maryland

    CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: A turn off notice is no longer required as long as BGE is not issuing turn off notices. Clients still need to apply for Energy Assistance from the Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) and receive notification of approval or denial before applying for the Fuel Fund.  Apply to the Fuel Fund at

  • Maryland Office of People's Counsel

    Agency: Maryland Office of People's Counsel

    CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Under the Governor's orders, utility companies are required to assist customers whose service is currently turned off. If someone is having issues getting their utilities, including cell phone service, turned back on, contact the Office of People’s Counsel and have available the following information:If electric, gas, private w...

  • Maryland State Public Service Commission

    Agency: Maryland State Public Service Commission

    NEGOTIATION ASSISTANCE: Regulates rates and services for public utilities including gas, electricity, land line telephone service, water (cannot assist with Baltimore City residents), sewerage, steam heating, and most common carriers engaged in transportation within the state. Licenses gas and electric suppliers. A list of licensed suppliers is on ...

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