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  • Internet Essentials

    Agency: Comcast

    INTERNET AND COMPUTER SERVICE: Offers affordable home internet, computers, and training to individuals and families.

  • St. Francis Neighborhood Center

    Agency: St. Francis Neighborhood Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides referrals, resources and workshops for Baltimore City and community programs to residents of the Reservoir Hill area of Baltimore City.SERVICES:1) MEETING SPACE: Offers a free meeting space to any organization in Baltimore City. (SUSPENDED DURING RENOVATION)2) THE POWER PROJECT: Assists children ages 5-18, four days a week for th...

  • Verizon Tel-Life/Lifeline

    Agency: Verizon - Administrative Services

    DISCOUNTED PHONE SERVICE: Provides a special discount phone service. Basic Tel-Life does not include optional services; however, enhanced Tel-Life includes unlimited outgoing local calls and the option to purchase additional services such as call waiting.  **Callers can also contact the Department of Human Resources Constituent Services phone numbe...

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