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  • Washington County Health Department, Medical Assistance Transportation

    Agency: Washington County Health Department

    TRANSPORTATION: Arranges free transportation services to and from scheduled Medicaid eligible medical appointments. Individuals must have an active Medicaid number, have no other source of transportation, and live more than 3/4 mile of a bus route. Individuals who live within 3/4 of a mile of a bus route and cannot ride the bus due to a medical con...

  • Washington County Community Action Council

    Agency: Washington County Community Action Council

    OVERVIEW: Provides emergency assistance, education, and ongoing case management to eligible county residents in need. SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: Offers assistance with court evictions, first month’s rent, food pantry services, utility termination and information and referral to other community programs. Must make an appointment and meet inco...

  • Garrett County Community Action Committee, Garrett Transit Service

    Agency: Garrett County Community Action Committee

    TRANSPORTATION: Operates on an advanced reservation service for the general public, seniors, handicapped individuals and Medical assistance clients. Transports for group outings, lunch, to visit a friend, go the grocery store, drug store, doctors, hospital, school, parks, work, hair dresser and other places you may need to visit.Trips can be schedu...

  • Delmarva Community Transit

    Agency: Delmarva Community Services

    PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Provides public transportation throughout the Mid-Shore area. Also offers door-to-door transportation by van for seniors ages 60 and older, and people with disabilities. Must provide 72 hour notice. Transportation is also provided to the general public with routes throughout the counties.-Veteran's Program: Offers free rides ...

  • Greenbelt Intergenerational Volunteer Exchange Service

    Agency: Greenbelt Intergenerational Volunteer Exchange Service

    OVERVIEW: Provides chore services and telephone reassurance.SERVICES:1) CHORE SERVICES: Will provide assistance with chores, laundry, meal preparation and transportation in and around the Greenbelt area. 2) TELEPHONE REASSURANCE: Provides telephone reassurance to those in need. Call to inquire. *No emergency services are provided

  • Dial-A-Ride

    Agency: Somerset County Commission on Aging

    TRANSPORTATION: Provides transportation for seniors and physically disabled individuals. Transportation is provided to doctor appointments in Wicomico County on Mon, Wed & Fri with arrival time at approximately 10AM. Individuals may utilize the service to take care of their shopping and banking needs in Somerset County only. Contact office for list...

  • Maryland Access Point, Lower Shore (MAP)

    Agency: Maryland Access Point, Lower Shore

    NOTE: Meals on Wheels is still in operation during the COVID-19 epidemic.OVERVIEW: Offers assistance for older adults and individuals with disabilities. It is a statewide resource for information and assistance about long-term services and supports to allow individuals to remain at home and plan for future needs.SERVICES:1) AGING AND DISABILITY RES...

  • Maryland Access Point, Baltimore County, County Ride

    Agency: Baltimore County Department of Aging

    COUNTY RIDE: Provides transportation to medical appointments, shopping and other general purpose trips. Escorts may accompany riders needing special assistance at no additional cost. 

  • Seabury Resources for Aging - Case Management & Resource Centers

    Agency: Seabury Resources for Aging

    OVERVIEW: Provides affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the Washington, DC area live with independence and dignity.    SERVICES:1) CASE MANAGEMENT: Provides professional guidance and support for older adults individuals (18 - 59 years old) with disabilities and their families, one-time consultation and care management ser...

  • McCready Health Pavilion

    Agency: TidalHealth Peninsula Regional

    HOSPITAL: Provides 24-hour emergency services, surgical and diagnostic services, and on-site pharmacy, respiratory therapy, and 15 acute-care beds. Ancillary services include rehabilitation, nutrition, and social services.-Outpatient Center: Provides services to individuals that need local Doctors for a wide range of illnesses. Offers providers of ...

  • Washington County Medical Transport

    Agency: Washington County Medical Transport

    AMBULANCE SERVICE: Provides non-emergency transportation via stretcher to and from necessary medical appointments, transfers between medical facilities, as well as 24 hour urgent care transportation. Has wheelchair van services which is not covered by insurance. 

  • Wicomico County Health Department, Medical Transportation

    Agency: Wicomico County Health Department

    MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION: Provides transportation to individuals that are Medicaid recipients and is in need of transportation to and from medically necessary appointments. Transportation is provided to appointments within the Tri-county areas of Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset County and long distant appointments may include appointments in Baltimo...

  • WUMCO Help

    Agency: WUMCO Help

    OVERVIEW: Offers emergency food, financial assistance and holiday programs to those in need living in the catchment area.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY FOOD: Available for individuals and families in need. Call for information and press 3 for the Food Coordinator.2) HOLIDAY ASSISTANCE:o THANKSGIVING: Food baskets offered for anyone in need. Must call first....

  • All About You Health Care Service

    Agency: All About You Health Care Service

    IN-HOME CARE: Offers medical and non-medical care and chore services. Provides Licensed Practitioner Nurses (LPN), Registered Nurses (RN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Geriatric Nursing Assistants (GNA). 

  • Allegany County Health Department, Medical Assistance Transportation

    Agency: Allegany County Health Department

    NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION: Offers Medical Assistance recipients free transportation to medical appointments in county and to West Virginia University, Hagerstown, Frederick and Baltimore. Current clients must call at least 24 hours in advance to arrange pick-up. If going out of town must call 3 days in advance. 

  • Baltimore City Health Department, Medical Assistance Transportation Program

    Agency: Baltimore City Health Department

    MEDICAL TRANSIT: Provides transportation to medical appointments for persons receiving Medical Assistance who are unable to use Mobility or the bus. This program provides "last resort" transportation for ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher-bound recipients who have no other means available of transport to get to and from medical appointments. Als...

  • Damascus Help

    Agency: Damascus Help

    OVERVIEW: Offers financial assistance, food, furniture and transportation to residents living in the catchment area.SERVICES:1) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Persons who have a court-ordered eviction may be eligible for financial assistance, Medical prescription assistance. Also provides assistance for utilities (electric, gas, water and oil) and other eme...

  • Calvert County Health Department

    Agency: Calvert County Health Department

    ADULT EVALUATION AND REVIEW SERVICES: Provides comprehensive evaluation for persons ages 60 and older who are at risk of institutionalization. Helps clients and their families locate services to enable clients to remain at home. Located at 314 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD. Call 410-414-9367.  BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENING: Provides screening for de...

  • Jewish Social Service Agency

    Agency: Jewish Social Service Agency

    OVERVIEW: Provides counseling, employment services, hospice, in-home support, and senior services. SERVICES:1) COUNSELING: Offers individual and marital counseling in regards to anxiety, depression, social anxiety, aging issues, bereavement, stress management, parenting, communication, conflict resolution, etc. Also, provides individual and group c...

  • Kent County Health Department

    Agency: Kent County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of health services, prevention and community education to residents of Kent County.SERVICES:1) COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides outpatient mental health services. Offers screening, counseling, medication and hospital referrals. Includes individual, family and group therapy and psychiatric and psychological ...

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