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  • Renters’ Tax Credit Program

    Agency: City of Gaithersburg

    TAX INFORMATION: Provides property tax credits for renters who meet certain requirements. If the portion of rent attributable to the assumed property taxes exceeds a fixed amount in relation to income, the renter can, under specified conditions, receive a credit of as much as $750. The credit is paid as a direct check from the State of Maryland.

  • Homeowners' Property Tax Credit Program

    Agency: Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation

    PROPERTY TAX CREDIT: Provides a credit on property taxes resulting from the lessor of $300,000 of assessed value, or the total assessment value minus any Homestead Credit for homeowners of all ages who qualify on the basis of gross household income. NOT automatic, homeowners must apply by Sept 1, but if the application is received by May 1, any cre...

  • Renters' Tax Credit Program

    Agency: Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation

    TAX CREDIT: Provides tax credits of up to $1000 to eligible renters. Eligible individuals should apply by Sept 1st of every year. ELIGIBILITY:o Must be the principal residence (live there at least six months of the year).o Applicant must have a bona fide lease, and be legally responsible for the rent. (If the dwelling is owned by a tax exempt, char...

  • Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland

    Agency: Pro Bono Resource Center Of Maryland

    TRAINING: Recruits, trains and refers attorneys to other agencies to provide pro bono legal services and provide brief legal services in limited areas. Does NOT refer individuals to attorneys. Works in partnership with community agencies to provide free legal workshops to individuals at risk of losing their homes due to non-payment of property taxe...

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