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  • SHORE UP, Housing Rehabilitation Program

    Agency: SHORE UP

    HOUSING REHABILITATION PROGRAM: Provides assistance to eligible and low income homeowners to improve their housing condition through rehabilitation and home repairs.

  • Supporting Older Adults through Resources

    Agency: Supporting Older Adults through Resources

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Offers grocery shopping and delivery to senior households twice a month.  Provides phone calls, cards and small gifts via mail to reduce social isolation.*****Provides financial assistance to seniors, aged 65+ who meet financial criteria, to help with, but not limited to: Purchasing physician ordered medications Transportation serv...

  • Christmas in April, Cecil County

    Agency: Christmas in April, Cecil County

    COVID-19 Update: Not offered this year due to the ongoing pandemic.HOME REHABILITATION PROGRAM: Offers a one day event on the last Saturday in April (4/25/2020), volunteers work to restore homes of qualified residents. Work may include landscaping, yard clean-up, carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing. Projects are selected based on need and abil...

  • Freedom Center

    Agency: Freedom Center, The

    OVERVIEW:  Provides assistance and advocacy to help individuals with disabilities lead independent and productive lives.SERVICES:1) INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING: Assists with achieving highest level of independence possible in the home, family or community through money and time management, cooking, cleaning, laundry and travel training.2) IN...

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