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  • Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence

    Agency: Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of services to victims of Domestic Violence who are in crisis.SERVICES:1) HOTLINE: Offers a 24 hour hotline to all victims of domestic violence seeking crisis intervention, information and referral, emotional support, counseling and guidance.2) CRISIS INTERVENTION: Provides trained advocates to offer support for vict...

  • Crisis Intervention Center, Calvert County

    Agency: Calvert County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides short and long term therapy for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse and other traumas.SERVICES:1) HOTLINE: Provides crisis counseling to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and information regarding the center's services. Available 24/7.2) COUNSELING: Provides individual and group counseling to pers...

  • Family Crisis Resource Center

    Agency: Family Crisis Resource Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides a 24 hour Hotline and other comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault or abuse.SERVICES:1) 24 HOUR HOTLINE: Provides crisis and supportive counseling, crisis intervention, emotional support, information and referral services to domestic violence, rape crisis, and sex trafficing survivors.2) SH...

  • Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, Emergency Shelter Program

    Agency: Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County

    EMERGENCY SHELTER PROGRAM: Provides up to a 90 day stay for victims and their children of intimate partner violence. Counseling, case management, support, advocacy. 

  • HopeWorks of Howard County, Shelter Services

    Agency: HopeWorks of Howard County

    SHELTER SERVICES: Offers a short term crisis shelter to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and their children, and transitional housing. Shelters include case management, counseling and support groups, as well as short-term housing for pets.  Accepts non-perishable food items, full-sized toiletries, paper products, and other items n...

  • House of Ruth Maryland, Shelter Program

    Agency: House of Ruth, Maryland

    EMERGENCY SHELTER: Provides a short-term emergency shelter for victims of intimate partner violence and their children, up to age 17. Average length of stay is 30-60 days. Brief hotel stay may be offered when shelter is full and funding permits. Legal services and counseling for adults and children is available.  Accredited day care services and a ...

  • Center for Abused Persons

    Agency: Center for Abused Persons

    OVERVIEW: Offers a 24-hour hotline for persons who are in crisis and services for survivors who have been sexually or physically abused.SERVICES:1) CRISIS INTERVENTION HOTLINE: Provides 24-hour hotline for persons in crisis. Trained volunteers and staff offer supportive telephone counseling and referral services to persons who are lonely, depressed...

  • Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused

    Agency: CASA, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault as well as abusers.SERVICES:1) 24 HOUR HOTLINE: Staff provides individuals with confidential crisis counseling, education, safety planning, information and referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.2) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/RAPE CRISIS PROGRAM: Provides counselin...

  • Montgomery County, Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program

    Agency: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

    OVERVIEW: Offers emergency services and crisis management to families in domestic violence situations.SERVICES:1) CRISIS CENTER: Victims & offenders of mate-related abuse can talk to trained counselors by calling the 24-hour crisis line or by walking in to the 24-hour Crisis Center. Emergency housing services can be accessed through the crisis cou...

  • Anna's House, Emergency Shelter

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    EMERGENCY SHELTER: Provides emergency shelter for 90 days for homeless families.  Accepts donations of non-perishable food, formula, diapers, toiletries, paper products, and household items.

  • Montgomery County Family Justice Center

    Agency: Sheriff’s Office of Montgomery County Maryland

    Offers clients and their children: 1) TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE ORDERS: Offers temporary protective orders through video-conferencing links between the FJC and the courts.2) LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Assists clients in finding legal representation or court companionship. Also offers referrals for legal services. 3) COUNSELING: Allows clients to see a counse...

  • Abused Persons Program, The

    Agency: The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Trauma Services

    Offers a 24-hour Crisis Line. Offers individual and group counseling. Provides support and information to victims of DV. Offers referrals to community partners for victim and abuser. Provides information about and assistance in seeking legal protections for DV victims and their children. Offers emergency shelter for DV victims. Provides counseling ...

  • Bridge, Domestic Violence Shelter

    Agency: Cecil County Department of Social Services

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER: Provides shelter for women, with or without children and possible hotel stay for male victims of domestic violence. Must have a history of serious domestic abuse or have been recently abused. Also offers case management and maximum stay for residents is approximately 8 weeks.

  • Community Crisis Services (CCSI), Domestic Violence Services

    Agency: Community Crisis Services

    HOTLINE: Counselors assess and screen individuals and provide appropriate referrals. Victims are screened for eligibility into the shelter program (see separate program), service coordination, given counseling information for adults and children, or referred to other community services. All calls are confidential. Counselors are trained in crisis i...

  • Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence, SafeHouse Connect

    Agency: Tabula Rasa Domestic Violence

    SAFEHOUSE CONNECT: Offers temporary housing to individuals experiencing domestic violence until a transitional housing facility becomes available.

  • TurnAround, Emergency Shelter

    Agency: TurnAround, Inc.

    EMERGENCY SHELTER: Provides assistance to callers needing to be removed from the home immediately due to sexual violence (domestic violence, incest, rape, sex trafficking, and sexual assault/abuse).  Turnaround does not have a shelter but can assist with shelter placement. 

  • Safe Harbor

    Agency: Calvert County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a domestic violence shelter and support services. SERVICES: 1) SHELTER: Provides a 20 bed domestic violence emergency and transitional Safe House for women of all ages and children newborn to 17. Average stay is 3 months although some clients stay longer with extension requests. 2) INFORMATION & REFERRAL: Provides information ...

  • Heartly House

    Agency: Heartly House

    NOTE: Offers shelter to individuals and families in immediate danger only.OVERVIEW: Serves residents who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and child abuse.SERVICES:1) 24-HOUR HOTLINE: Hotline advocates provide supportive listening, education, options and referrals to victims of domestic violence, sexual assa...

  • DC SAFE- Crisis Response

    Agency: DC Safe

    Offers safety planning, information on the legal system, referrals to other resources, taxi or other transportation to a safe place, shelter in a hotel or the SAFE Space shelter, in-person advocacy, assistance with emergency temporary protective order process, lock changes, and follow-up with DC Safe Advocate via 24-hour hotline or in-person. May o...

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Center

    Agency: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides sexual assault/domestic violence crisis counseling, information and referral, court accompaniment, support groups and emergency shelter for battered victims with or without children. Battered men, with or without children are housed in local motels.SERVICES:1) ABUSER INTERVENTION PROGRAM: Batterers group available.2) HOMELESS SHE...

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