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  • Mary's Center

    Agency: Mary's Center

    PREGNANCY SUPPORT SERVICES: offers free pregnancy tests, peer counseling, emergency, formula and/or diapers, depending on availability; baby, toddler, maternity clothing.DONATIONS: Monetary donations and formula, diapers, baby, toddler, maternity clothing, and limited baby furniture. Please call before donating furniture.

  • Cecil County Pregnancy Center

    Agency: Cecil County Pregnancy Center

    PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE: Provides free pregnancy testing, baby supplies, emotional support for post-abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant loss. Also offers free maternity clothing, infant and toddler clothing up to size 3T, diapers, baby furniture and accessories. Ultrasounds for up to 20 weeks, pregnancy and parenting education. Also acc...

  • Grace Center for Maternal and Women's Health

    Agency: Grace Center for Maternal and Women's Health

    PREGNANCY CLINIC: Offers a wide range of education and support services to women and men facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Services includes options counseling, education materials, pregnancy tests, prenatal education, adoption referrals, abortion recovery program, parenting classes, community referrals, parenting support groups for men & ...

  • Baltimore Pregnancy Center

    Agency: Baltimore Pregnancy Center

    PREGNANCY CENTER: Offers pregnancy testing and counseling by phone or directly at the center. Also may be able to assist with formula, diapers, baby and maternity clothes, and baby furniture based on donations. Items are not guaranteed. Accepts donations of cribs, bassinets, strollers, car seats, baby supplies and furniture.

  • Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick

    Agency: Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick

    OVERVIEW: A medical pregnancy resource center for women and teens that offers a variety of support services. All services are confidential and  free.SERVICES:1) MEDICAL: Offers free pregnancy tests, medical consultation and pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds. 2) STI/STD TESTING: Provides free Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted...

  • City of Refuge Baltimore, Clothing & Baby Supplies

    Agency: Pathway Church of God

    CLOTHING & BABY SUPPLIES: Offers clothing for men, women, children and infants. Also provides diapers, formula and occasionally has infant furniture on Tue & Thur, 9AM-12Noon. Baby supplies are offered once a month.  

  • Diakonia

    Agency: Diakonia

    OVERVIEW: Provides an emergency shelter for homeless men, women, and families with children. Offers an emergency food pantry and a low cost thrift store to residents in need. Also provides limited financial assistance for homeless prevention and support services for veterans and their families.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY SHELTER: Offers a 36 bed emergenc...

  • GreenDrop Home Clean-Out

    Agency: GreenDrop

    DONATION PICKUPS: GreenDrop Home Clean-Out is a free service that picks up donations of large volumes of clothing and household items. Sends out a professional Concierge to review acceptable items and prepare for pick up. Drivers come to the home, pack, and remove donations. GreenDrop accepts all articles of clothing, shoes, blankets and bedding, a...

  • Hampden, Woodberry, Remington, Mt. Washington Community Services, Donation Programs

    Agency: HWRMW Christian Fellowship

    DONATIONS: Accepts donations of food, clothes, hygiene products, baby food and other baby items, household goods, toys, and furniture. 

  • James Isaac House, Pregnancy Resource Center

    Agency: Mountain Top Crisis Pregnancy Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides comprehensive an array of services for pregnant mothers and parents.SERVICES:1) ABSTINENCE PROGRAMS: Informational classes regarding abstinence. 2) ADOPTION PROGRAM: Offers links to services for adoptions.3) ALTERNATIVE to ABORTION: Informational classes regarding alternatives to abortion.4) POST-ABORTION COUNSELING: Provides one...

  • Agape House, Baby Supplies

    Agency: Agape House

    BABY SUPPLIES: Assists individuals with formula, diapers, baby clothes, and baby furniture. Occasionally has these items, so individuals should call for more information and to register for items. Individuals can receive assistance on Wed, 2:30-5PM and Fri, by appointment. Can assist individuals once a month, if supplies are available. By appointme...

  • Alpha Pregnancy Center

    Agency: Alpha Pregnancy Center

    PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE: Provides physical, spiritual, emotional, and material assistance to pregnant women and parents of children up to 3 years old on a free and confidential basis. Also provides referrals to services such as WIC. Services include, but are not limited to pregnancy tests and pregnancy counseling, counseling on alternatives to abortio...

  • Alpha's Glory Pregnancy Center

    Agency: Alpha's Glory Pregnancy Center

    PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE: Provides information about pregnancy, adoption and abortion alternatives. Offers spiritual and emotional support, parenting classes and free pregnancy tests. Also offers material assistance such as, baby clothing, furniture, diapers, and maternity clothing.  

  • Birthright of Annapolis

    Agency: Birthright of Annapolis

    PREGNANCY CENTER: Offers free pregnancy testing and right to life counseling. Provides free formula, diapers, baby clothes, and maternity clothes, books on pregnancy and child development, and children books to individuals in need. Also offers information on adoption only, not abortion. Accepts donations of formula, diapers, baby clothes, maternity...

  • Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center

    Agency: Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services for women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.SERVICES: 1) SUPPLIES: Provides pregnant mothers with maternity clothes, baby clothes for children up to 6 months and baby furniture. When a client takes any of the education courses she earns "Mommy Bucks" which are accepted at the pregnancy center baby supplies store. T...

  • Gaithersburg Help

    Agency: Gaithersburg Help

    OVERVIEW: Provides food, financial assistance, transportation and baby items to those in need.SERVICES:1) FOOD PANTRY: Provides a three-to-five-day supply of food based on family size, by appointment only. Dietary or special requests are honored when possible; clients with infants also receive rice cereal and baby food; clients residing in motels r...

  • Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, Material Assistance

    Agency: Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concern

    MATERIAL ASSISTANCE (Known as Hannah's Cupboard): Offers baby supplies only to women who are 7 months pregnant or have recently given birth. Clothes, diapers and formula are available and only 1 can of formula is available at the time of visit. Also offers maternity clothing. Assistance is offered once every 3 months unless the individual is partic...

  • Hampden, Woodberry, Remington, Mt. Washington Community Services, Thrift Shop

    Agency: HWRMW Christian Fellowship

    THRIFT STORE: Provides clothing for adults and children available. Diapers and other baby products are occasionally available as well as  household goods and toys. There is a small fee for each item. Also accepts donations of food, clothes, hygiene products, baby food and other baby items, household goods, toys, and furniture.

  • Pregnancy Aid Centers, Inc.

    Agency: Pregnancy Aid Centers, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides support and medical care to women.SERVICES:1) PRENATAL CLINIC: Provides maternal health care services, including testing, monthly check-ups, counseling on childbirth options, family planning, and in-house obstetrical services for women with high-risk pregnancies.2) MARYLAND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Provides help applying for medical a...

  • St. Martin's Barn

    Agency: St. Martin's Ministries

    OVERVIEW: Provides food pantry, financial assistance for security deposit, utility cut-off and eviction prevention to low income families in Caroline County and other mid-shore counties. Also operates a thrift store that is open to the public and offers school supplies, rental assistance program and donations.SERVICES:1) FOOD PANTRY: Offers a 4-day...

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