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  • Integrative Counseling

    Agency: Integrative Counseling, LLC

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides substance use disorder counseling, education, and treatment for youth and adults. Also offers DUI/DWI classes and anger management classes. 

  • Main Place Treatment Centers

    Agency: Main Place Treatment Centers

    SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Provides a range of outpatient substance use disorder treatments for adults, including early intervention, outpatient counseling, groups, intensive outpatient (IOP), suboxone treatment, Vivtrol injections, and medically assisted detox. Medical services such as suboxone treatment and medically assisted detox are currently off...

  • Prince George's County Health Department, Cheverly Health Center

    Agency: Prince George's County Health Department

    COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER: Provides an array of health care services to Prince George's County residents. Testing includes Chlamydia Testing, Conventional HIV Blood Testing, FREE HIV Testing, Gonorrhea Testing, Hepatitis B Vaccine, STD Testing- Substance Use Disorder: Intensive outpatient alcohol and drug abuse treatment is open to men and adolescent...

  • Concerted Care Group, Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment

    Agency: Concerted Care Group

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides an Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) for nine hours (or more) weekly of group and individual counseling. Provides standard Outpatient program for less than nine hours a week of group and individual counseling. Also offers overdose prevention services.

  • Brook Lane Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment Program (InSTEP)

    Agency: Brook Lane

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT (OP): This evening program is appropriate for individuals who have been assessed to benefit from an outpatient level of care. The program provides ongoing education and person-centered treatment. Individuals with co-occurring disorders, but whose mental health symptoms are stable and managed, can be considered for...

  • Calvert County Substance Use Disorder Program

    Agency: Calvert County Substance Use Disorder Program

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Offers outpatient drug and/or alcohol counseling and aftercare to individual adults, adolescents and teens/young adults. Family involvement is encouraged. Teens and adolescents receive assistance at the main office only. LOCATIONS: Main Office: 280 Stafford Road, Prince Frederick, MD  20678. Call: 410-535-3079 EX 6...

  • Insight Treatment Centers, College Park

    Agency: Insight Treatment Centers

    OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Offers outpatient substance use disorder treatment, anger management counseling, mental health services including individual and group counseling, treatment/education program and urinalysis. Call for group meeting information. See separate listing for Camp Springs location. 

  • Pathways Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

    Agency: Anne Arundel Medical Center

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides referral service and treatment to people with co-occurring disorders (substance use and mental health disorders). Services include inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation, ambulatory detoxification, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, DWI treatment, and an at-risk program for ado...

  • New Life Addiction Counseling Services, Pasadena

    Agency: New Life Addiction Counseling Services

    COMPREHENSIVE OUTPATIENT SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Provides intensive outpatient drug and alcohol counseling. Offers drug and alcohol assessments & education, twice a month family education, group substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, a DWI/DUI treatment program, and after-care groups. Clients may qualify for Vivitrol inject...

  • Phoenix Health Center

    Agency: Phoenix Health Center

    SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Provides medically assisted substance use treatment for people with opiate use disorder. Treatments include methadone maintenance, Suboxone/Sublocade/buprenorphine, and Vivitrol. Levels of care include outpatient treatment and detox services. Program can support individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use ...

  • MORE with Doc C

    Agency: MORE with Doc C

    OUTPATIENT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides outpatient mental health counseling, substance use disorder treatment, medication-assisted treatment, psychiatric medication management, and medical marijuana recommendations. 

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