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  • Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee

    OVERVIEW: Provides assistance with an array of social service programs.SERVICES:1) ELIGIBILITY FOR MEAP and ELECTRIC UNIVERSAL SERVICE PROGRAM GRANTS: Maryland residents whose gross monthly household incomes are within the following limits, July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019GROSS INCOME                                  Monthly              Annually1       ...

  • Modest Needs Foundation, Self-Sufficiency Grants

    Agency: Modest Needs Foundation

    SELF-SUFFICIENCY GRANTS: Remits payment to a creditor for an expense on behalf of an otherwise self-sufficient individual or family for a relatively small, emergency expense which the individual or family could not have anticipated or prepared for.  An example may be to cover the cost of an emergency auto repair that must be made if an individual i...

  • Howard County COVID-19 Rental Assistance and Eviction Prevention

    Agency: Howard County Office of Public Information

    RENT AND MORTGAGE PAYMENT ASSISTANCE: Beginning 10/5/2020, residents may contact one of the participating providers (CAC, Grassroots, or FIRN) to complete an application for assistance to pay past due rent and/or mortgage payments and/or to prevent eviction. Applicants must provide proof of Howard County residency and evidence of loss of income due...

  • Modest Needs Foundation, Homecoming Heroes Grant

    Agency: Modest Needs Foundation

    HOMECOMING HEROES GRANT: Provides assistance with an emergency expense such as a medical bill, an auto repair, a large utility bill, etc. Can also assist with a regular monthly bill such as a rental or mortgage payment, which the applicant cannot pay due to issues such as a delay in processing or receipt of active duty paycheck, VA, GI Bill or othe...

  • Operation Second Chance, Financial Assistance

    Agency: Operation Second Chance

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides emergency financial assistance to veterans for mortgage and rent payment, utility payments, travel to military hospitals and home, lodging and grocery assistance.  

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