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  • Legal Aid Bureau, Baltimore County Office

    Agency: Maryland Legal Aid Bureau

    LEGAL: Provides legal services to eligible persons with a variety of civil (non-criminal) cases. Including but not limited to:o children in need of assistance (CINA)o housing and landlord/tenant problemso family law (divorce and contested custody issues only)o employment lawo public benefits such as SSA, SSI, TDAP, TCA, Medicare, Medicaid/Medical A...

  • Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocacy, The

    Agency: Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocacy , The

    OVERVIEW: Provides assistance with civil and family law issues.SERVICES:1) PRO BONO LEGAL PROGRAM: Staff attorneys provide victims of domestic abuse with legal advice and representation at Protective Order hearings and other proceedings related to family law and family violence.2) COURT ADVOCACY PROGRAM: Advocates are available at the courts to ass...

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