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  • Women's Law Center, The

    Agency: Women's Law Center

    Provides legal information and referral. NO LEGAL SERVICES.SERVICES:1) FAMILY LAW HOTLINE: Provides information and referral to resources regarding family law problems such as separation, visitation, child custody and support, guardianship, divorce, cohabitation issues, paternity, and domestic violence. Lawyers direct callers with non-legal issues ...

  • Legal Aid Bureau, Baltimore County Office

    Agency: Maryland Legal Aid Bureau

    LEGAL: Provides legal services to eligible persons with a variety of civil (non-criminal) cases. Including but not limited to:o children in need of assistance (CINA)o housing and landlord/tenant problemso family law (divorce and contested custody issues only)o employment lawo public benefits such as SSA, SSI, TDAP, TCA, Medicare, Medicaid/Medical A...

  • Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocacy, The

    Agency: Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocacy , The

    OVERVIEW: Provides assistance with civil and family law issues.SERVICES:1) PRO BONO LEGAL PROGRAM: Staff attorneys provide victims of domestic abuse with legal advice and representation at Protective Order hearings and other proceedings related to family law and family violence.2) COURT ADVOCACY PROGRAM: Advocates are available at the courts to ass...

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