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  • Modest Needs Foundation, Self-Sufficiency Grants

    Agency: Modest Needs Foundation

    SELF-SUFFICIENCY GRANTS: Remits payment to a creditor for an expense on behalf of an otherwise self-sufficient individual or family for a relatively small, emergency expense which the individual or family could not have anticipated or prepared for.  An example may be to cover the cost of an emergency auto repair that must be made if an individual is to continue working, work tools or uniforms, burial expenses, one month's rent or mortgage payment. Program is for persons who are working and live just above the poverty level, but are ineligible for most types of public assistance. Cannot assist with federal, state, or local tax payments, including property tax payments, past-due child support payments, or fines / legal fees associated with a civil or criminal offense with which an applicant has been charged. Cannot not send funds directly to an applicant, thus cannot help applicants with groceries, gas, repaying a payday loan, etc. Cannot assist with rental security deposits or if the applicant is renting from a family member.  Cannot assist with expenses related to credit card debt, bankruptcy, or luxury items or services ( such as broken tv, paying for a vacation).


    • 120 East 23rd Street
      New York, NY 10010

    Agency: Modest Needs Foundation

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    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Must be 18 and older, a US or Canadian citizen, at least one person in the household at the time of application must be employed, and income must meet the income and self-sufficiency standard which varies upon household size and grant type. The main source of income for the household must be either income earned from employment, child support payments, Veteran's Benefits, retirement income including social security retirement benefits. Permits one active application per household at a time. Household must have at least one active bank account OR have filed a Federal Tax Return within in the past two years. Applicants must have regular access to a computer and the Internet and can check their email and the Modest Needs website daily for the entire time their application is active. Applicants will need to scan or fax documents. Modest Needs regularly makes grants to households receiving types of income other than those listed above (Social Security Disability Income, for example), but applicants whose households do NOT meet the income and employment guidelines listed above will NOT qualify to apply for a grant. 

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