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  • Morgan State University: Tax Assistance

    Agency: Morgan State University

    COVID-19 INFORMATION: Their website,, has information on finding one's stimulus payment and how to claim one's payment if one is in certain special groups. Clients have until October to claim their stimulus payment.

    On 10/17, CASH Campaign will hold Money PowerDay online. The event will feature workshops, exhibitors, and opportunities to meet one-on-one with financial experts. RSVP at

    TAX PREPARATION ASSISTANCE 2020: Offers free tax preparation to individuals/families who made less than $56,000 in 2019. Starting January 13, 2020, please call 2-1-1 MD or 410-234-8008. Mon-Fri, 8:30AM-5PM to schedule an appointment or sign-up online at or  


    -- If filing a joint return, spouse MUST be present To sign the return.

    -- Valid Photo ID issued by the state or federal governmentfor all adults (ie. driver license, state ID, passport, Green Card, etc.).

    -- Social Security Card (or individual Taxpayer Identification Number letter) for yourself and everyone to be claimed on your tax return, or a letter from the Social Security Administration with the correct Social Security numbers. Copies of past tax returns are NOT acceptable as proof, therefore you MUST bring Social Security cards (or copies of the cards) for every taxpayer and dependent you are claiming.

    --Proof of health insurance: If health insurance was purchased through the marketplace exchange/Maryland Health Connection, you MUST have the 1095 A form. 

    -- W-2 forms for all jobs worked in 2019 (last pay stub is NOT acceptable).
    -- All tax forms for other income, if any
       •  Form 1099-B, if you have income from the sale of stocks, bonds or other assets.
       •  Form 1099-C, if you have a forgiveness of debt.
       •  Form 1099-G, if you received unemployment insurance in 2019.
       •  Form 1099-INT, if you received interest from a bank account in 2019.
       •  Form 1098, if you paid real estate taxes and/or mortgage interest.
       •  Form 1098-E, if you paid student loan interest in 2019 for post-high school education.
       •  Form 1098-T, if you paid tuition for post-high school education in 2019.
       •  Form 1099-DIV, if you received dividends in 2019.
       • Form 1099-R, if you receive a pension, or Form SSA-1099, if you collect Social Security.

    -- Amounts of any other income from your records (jury duty fees, cash earnings, gambling winnings [Form W2-G], etc.).

    -- Any document or information about money received from the IRS or Maryland, including the advanced Child Tax Credit.

    -- Any other tax related documents.

    -- A copy of last year’s federal and state tax returns

    If they are an Uber/Lyft driver, then bring all income receipts

    Once the return is prepared, if the participant owes federal and/or state taxes the CASH Campaign will print out a voucher to mail to the IRS or State with the funds they owe.
    Will prepare the following:
    •  1040’s (1040EZ, 1040A and 1040)
    •  1040 with Schedule A (Itemization)
    •  Schedule B (Interest and Dividends)
    •  Schedule C-EZ (Business Income with No Inventory,No Cash Accounting,No Expenses over $5,000)
    •  EITC
    •  R (Credit for Elderly and Disabled)
    •  Form 1040V (Payment Vouchers)
    •  Form 1040ES (Individual Estimated Tax Payment)
    •  Form 2441 (Child and Dependent Care Credit)
    •  Form 8863 (Education Credits)
    •  Form 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)
    •  Maryland Forms

    Will NOT prepare the following:
    •  Schedule C (Profit or Loss from a Business, Inventory Expenses over $5,000, Complicated Accounting like Accrual)
    •  Schedule D Capital Gains (Selling Stock, will do some but not Complicated-over 3)
    •  Schedule E (Rental Income)
    •  Form SS-5 (Request for a Social Security Number)
    •  Form 2106 (Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses)
    •  Form 3903 (Moving Expenses)
    •  Form 8606 (Non-deductible IRA)
    •  Form 8615 (Tax for Children Under 14 with Investment Income)

    • Main :
      • 2-1-1
    • Main Contact:
      • name: Buagu Musazi
      • phone: 443-885-4456

    Agency: Morgan State University

    Languages Available:

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Individuals/families who made less than $56,000 in 2019 and have an email address.

    Areas Served:

    - Tax Preparation Assistance

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