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  • Housing Authority of St. Mary's County

    Agency: St. Mary's County Department of Economic & Community Development

    OVERVIEW: Provides several housing repair, loan and subsidizing programs.

    1) ESSENTIAL HOME REPAIR PROGRAM: Provides low-interest loans to homeowners to make essential home repairs on their property; i.e. repairs needed to bring property up to code. Participants must be income eligible. Application fees apply. 301-866-6590 EX 1433.

    2) MARYLAND SPECIAL LOANS PROGRAM/HELP: Provides low-interest loans to homeowners and owners of rental property to repair properties. Interest rates are set according to income. HELP Program provides low-interest loans to enable homeowners to make repairs related to energy conservation (e.g. furnace repair or replacement). Application fees apply. 301-866-6590 EX 1433.

    3) PATUXENT WOODS TOWNHOMES: Rents town houses to low-income families. Rental fees are based on household income. Owns and manages 52, 3-bedroom town houses. Call 301-866-6590, EX 1400 for more information.

    4) RENTAL ALLOWANCE PROGRAM (RAP): Rental Allowance Program is designed to assist very low income persons who have critical housing needs. Twelve-month rental assistance. Subsidy is based on family size. Call 301-866-6590 EX 1400.

    5) HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER PROGRAM (Section 8): Provides rental subsidies to families and elderly/disabled individuals who meet Federal income requirements. Issues vouchers which enable eligible persons to locate housing of their choice. Landlords must agree to accept payment from program and keep property up to code. Wait time is approximately 6-7 years.

    6) HOMEOWNERSHIP RESOURCES: Administers various homeownership programs, Gateways Condominiums for sale or rent with option to purchase, HFL holes mortgages to purchase 3-bedrooms townhouses on site, manage scattered-site homes for sale or rent, provides information and limited programs that assist with purchase, down payment and closing cost. Call 301-866-6590 EX 1433 for more information.

    7) FAIR HOUSING ADVOCACY: Offers information on and advocates compliance with Federal and State Fair Housing laws. Provides brochures, posters, newsletters and other handouts which advocate Fair Housing awareness.

    8) HOME OWNERSHIP COUNSELING: Offers continuous free classes that assist individuals/families with preparation for homeownership. Topics include, but are not limited to, anticipated costs, increasing your borrowing power, loan types, community resources for homeownership and money management. Call 301-866-6590, EX 1433 for more information.

    9) SETTLEMENT EXPENSE LOAN PROGRAM: Provides limited funds for loans to assist income eligible families or individuals pay settlement costs. Loans may vary and forgiveness may apply. For more information call 301-866-6590 EX 1433.

    • 21155 Lexwood Drive
      Leonardtown, MD 20653

    Agency: St. Mary's County Department of Economic & Community Development

    Languages Available:

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Any individuals or families in need currently residing in St Mary's County.

    Areas Served:
    • Saint Marys County

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