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    Agency: Excellence Foundation

    LOW-COST TAX PREP AND BACK TAXES 2020: Offers low cost tax preparation to individuals/families who made less than $15,000 in 2019. Fee is $30 for those with Earned Income Tax Credit.  Also assists with back taxes, year round. Call to schedule an appointment, and confirm fee amount. 

    Applicants must bring:
    -- Valid photo ID for self and spouse.
    -- Proof of health insurance and 1095.
    -- A Social Security card for EACH family member.
    -- W-2 forms for all jobs worked in 2019.
    -- Child care provider - name, address and tax ID number.
    -- All banking account information (a voided check and/or savings deposit slip).
    -- A copy of last year's tax return.
    -- Any document or information about money received from the IRS, including the advanced Child Tax Credit.
    -- All 1099 forms for other income, if any.
    -- Any other tax related documents.
    NOTE: Every adult listed on the tax form must come to sign the return.

    Will prepare the following
    •    1040’s (1040EZ, 1040A and 1040)
    •    1040 with Schedule A (Itemization)
    •    Schedule B (Interest and Dividends)
    •    Schedule C-EZ (Business Income with No Inventory, No Cash Accounting, No Expenses over $5,000)
    •    EITC
    •    R (Credit for Elderly and Disabled)
    •    Form 1040V (Payment Vouchers)
    •    Form 1040ES (Individual Estimated Tax Payment)
    •    Form 2441 (Child and Dependent Care Credit)
    •    Form 8863 (Education Credits)
    •    Form 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)
    •    Maryland Forms

    Will NOT prepare the following
    •    Schedule C (Profit or Loss from a Business, Inventory Expenses over $5,000, Complicated Accounting like Accrual)
    •    Schedule D Capital Gains (Selling Stock, will do some but not Complicated-over 3)
    •    Schedule E (Rental Income)
    •    Form SS-5 (Request for a Social Security Number)
    •    Form 2106 (Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses)
    •    Form 3903 (Moving Expenses)  Only assist those in the military who were required to move
    •    Form 8606 (Non-deductible IRA)
    •    Form 8615 (Tax for Children Under 14 with Investment Income)

    • Main:
      • 410-391-4051
    • Main Contact:
      • name: Vikki Douglas
      • phone: 410-391-4051
    • Senior Worker:
      • name: Vikki Douglas
      • phone: 410-391-4051

    • 7002 F Golden Ring Road
      Rosedale, MD 21237

    Agency: Excellence Foundation

    Languages Available:

    Payment Description: $115-$150, cost depends on the complexity of the return.

    Intake and Eligibility: Maryland residents. Will help those in need of tax preparation assistance outside of MD.

    Areas Served:

    - Tax Preparation Assistance

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