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  • Howard County Department of Social Services, Family Investment Program

    Agency: Howard County Department of Social Services

    TEMPORARY CASH ASSISTANCE (TCA): Benefits are effective 30 days after application. 60 month limit for adult participants. A work component is required that can include: job search, unsubsidized and subsidized employment, work experience, on-the-job training and/or community service. Education activity for adults must be approved and is required for minors with infants. Exemption from work activities: adult of child under one year old (one time exemption cannot exceed 12 month use for parent in their lifetime); mother with child less than 12 weeks; severely disabled adult or child (SSI application required).

    Sanctions are a loss of entire cash benefit because of non-compliance with program requirements. Cash can be restored upon compliance. The family does retain Food Stamps and Medical Assistance during this time.

    • 9780 Patuxent Woods Drive
      Columbia, MD 21046

    Agency: Howard County Department of Social Services

    Languages Available: Interpreting services available (may require advance notice).

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Families which include a minor child or pregnant individual. Must be a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant who resides in Maryland, has applied for Child Support Services and participates in work activity

    Areas Served:
    • Howard County

    - Basic Income Maintenance Programs

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