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  • Caroline County Department of Social Services, Office of Home Energy Programs

    Agency: Caroline County Department of Social Services

    UTILITY BILL PAYMENT ASSISTANCE: Provides MEAP and EUSP grants to eligible families, renters, roomers, boarders, and homeowners toward the cost of heating in the winter and electricity year round. Grant is based on the type of fuel used, household size, household income, and annual consumption.

    -Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP): Provides assistance grants to help with home heating bills. Payments are made o the fuel supplier and utility company on the clients behalf.

    -Electrical Universal Service Program (EUSP): Assists with electric utility bill payment. Client is required to have bill in his/her own name and be on a monthly budget billing plan. Some funds are available for a one time only benefit for past due bill payments. Also provides referrals for energy efficiency measures to reduce future electric bills.

    -Furnaces: Offers assistance when funds are available for clients to be referred to the weatherization office for furnace repair, replacement and/or other weatherization procedures.

    MEAP income eligibility
    ELIGIBILITY EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021
    GROSS INCOME                  
                    Monthly              Annually            
    1            $1,861.00          $22,332.00
    2            $2,515.00          $30,180.00 
    3            $3,168.00          $38,016.00
    4            $3,821.00          $45,852.00 
    5            $4,475.00          $53,700.00
    6            $5,128.00          $61,536.00
    7            $5,781.00          $69,732.00
    8            $6,435.00          $77,220.00         

    FOR EACH ADDITIONAL PERSON, ADD $654 monthly; $7,848 annually.

    Agency: Caroline County Department of Social Services

    Languages Available: Accommodations possible.

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Call for information.

    Areas Served:
    • Caroline County

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