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  • Baltimore County Department of Social Services, Medical Assistance

    Agency: Baltimore County Department of Social Services

    COVID-19 Update: The building is closed to the public. No face to face interaction permitted. Applications for services are available online and drop boxes are available to submit application.

    OVERVIEW: Provides assistance with screening and applying for Medicaid. The office has computers customers can use to apply and staff can assist. Medicaid provides health coverage for some low-income individuals, families, older adults and people with disabilities. Also assists individuals with questions/concerns regarding the Medicare Beneficiary programs. Provides medical benefits for immediate and long-term health needs. May also pay for all or part of nursing home or domiciliary care.

    1) MEDICAID-AGED, BLIND OR DISABLED: Serves individuals 65 and older or who are blind, physically disabled, or developmentally disabled. Requires documentation of disability. 

    Effective 2018:
    Income                         Assets
    Individual   $4,045        $4,000
    Couple       $5,425        $6,000

    2) QUALIFIED MEDICARE BENEFICIARY PROGRAM: Serves individuals who are on Medicare. Pays Part B premiums, co-payments, and deductibles. If you have questions/concerns, please call Medicare at 800-633-4227.

    Effective 2018:
    Income                          Assets
    Individual     $1,032      $ 7,560
    Couple         $1,392      $11,340

    3) SPECIFIED LOW-INCOME MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES: Serves individuals who are Medicare recipients but who are ineligible for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program. Pays only Part B premium. Includes $20 per month income disregard. If you have any questions/concerns, please call Medicare at 800-633-4227.  

    Effective 2018:
    Income                            Assets 
    Individual     $1,234       $7,560
    Couple         $1,666        $11,340

    4) EXPANDED MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Assists individuals and families may qualify for health care benefits under the Health Care Reform. Eligibility is based on income limits.  If you currently have Medical Assistance and have questions, call the MA Helpline at 800-456-8900. If you are uninsured and seeking to apply for MA call a local DSS, or Maryland Health Connection at 855-642-8572.  

    Household Size          Income Limits            
    1                            Less than  $12,140              
    2                            Less than  $16,460                    
    3                            Less than  $20,780                    
    4                            Less than  $25,100             
    5                            Less than  $29,420                    
    6                            Less than  $33,740                
    7                            Less than  $38,060            
    8                            Less than  $42,380
    Over 8- add $4,320 per extra person
    Effective 2018

    INTAKE: Non-Medicare adults and families with children under 21 years of age may apply for health care on the internet at, calling Maryland Health Connection, 855-642-8572 or in person at the nearest Department of Social Services (DSS). Most clients determined to be eligible for Medical Assistance are required to choose a health care provider (Managed Care Organization or MCO). The Managed Care System is called Health Choice and affects all existing Medical Assistance clients and new applicants. Medical Assistance recipients have 21 days to choose an MCO provider and submit forms. If they do not choose a provider within that time frame, they will automatically be assigned one. Home visits are available to assist homebound clients with the application process. Medical Assistance recipients may choose to switch MCO providers on an annual basis during the open enrollment period. 

    Aetna Better Health of Maryland. Call 1-866-827-2710
    University of Maryland Health Partners. Call 1-800-730-8580, available Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM
    AMERIGROUP Community Group: Call 800-600-4441, available Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM 
    Jai Medical System: Call 888-524-1999, available Mon-Fri, 9AM-6PM 
    Kaiser Permanente: Call 855-249-5019, available Mon-Fri, 7:30AM-5:30PM 
    Maryland Physicians Care: Call 800-953-8854, available Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM 
    MedStar Family Choice: Call 888-404-3549, available Mon-Fri, 8:30AM-5PM 
    Priority Partners: Call 800-654-9728, available Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM 
    United Healthcare: Call 800-318-8821, available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
    **DHR QUESTIONS contact DHR Constituent Services at 1-800-332-6347. Available Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM.**

    • Main:
      • 410-853-3000
    • Fax:
      • 410-853-3955
    • Toll-Free:
      • 800-336-6347
    • Main Contact:
    • Senior Worker:
      • name: Alecia Billingsley
      • phone: 410-853-3984
    • Website:

    Agency: Baltimore County Department of Social Services

    Languages Available:

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: See notes.

    Areas Served:
    • Baltimore County

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