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  • Worcester County Health Department

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of mental health, drug/alcohol and prevention services to Worcester County residents. .

    1) PREVENTION CENTER: Promotes wellness through a variety of prevention programs. Interdisciplinary team offering health related educational programs, training, videos and resource materials.
    Cancer & Blood Pressure Screenings: Offers free blood pressure measurement and education screening and follow-up provided for individuals meeting eligibility requirements. Includes mammograms, breast examination, pap-smear, pelvic exam and colonoscopy.

    Cardiovascular Disease Services: Includes health promotion, patient education, work-site wellness and community programs focused to increase healthy behaviors and reduce cardiovascular disease mortality. Blood pressure screening and "Just Walk" walking club are also available. Cancer Control Program: Education & cancer awareness initiatives.      

    Injury Prevention: Strategies target farm safety, domestic violence, and transportation-related injuries to children. Coordinates a child safety seat and bicycle helmet distribution program. o Tobacco Cessation: Directed to reduce the incidence of smoking through community education and smoking cessation groups.      
    Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Technical assistance and education to reduce teen pregnancy. Community based programs young men unite and Just for Girls abstinence education.    

    2) Diabetes Prevention Education Program: Offers diabetes support groups that meets on the third Wed of each month from 1PM-2PM at the Snowhill Library. Groups also meets on the third Thurs of each month from 1PM-2PM at the Pocomoke Library.

    Diabetes Prevention: Offers a free 16 week nutrition & fitness program that is designed to help break the family cycle of diabetes. Also provides outreach to other agencies throughout Worcester County.

    3) PRENATAL/CHILD HEALTH AND "HEALTHY START": Provides health education, social support and referrals to other identified resources. Snow Hill, Berlin and Pocomoke locations. Eligibility: Pregnant females and children under the age of 3 in need of community health nursing services.

    4) COMMUNICABLE DISEASE: Provides prevention and education about communicable diseases, including STD's, tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and rabies. Also offers overseas immunizations. Offers confidential and anonymous HIV/AIDS, TB, STD testing. Snow Hill, Berlin, and Pocomoke locations. HIV case management also provided.

    5) VITAL STATISTICS: Provides certified photocopies of birth certificates, death certificates and Statement of Age cards for a fee.

    6) PERSONAL HEALTH: Family Planning offers patients information on all contraceptive methods, physical exams and the birth control method of choice. Also provides screening, education, treatment and/or referral for HIV, pregnancy and STD's. Case manager available for adolescents. Age 17 and under, for needs regarding pregnancy.

    7) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Individual, family and group counseling for adults and children, as well as case management for individuals and families who are dealing with mental health issues. Also provides school-based services for children, parenting groups and summer programs for children with multiple problems. Offers in-home services for the chronically mentally ill and families with children who are returning from long term residential treatment or are at-risk of being placed in such treatment settings. Crisis intervention and life development services for runaway and homeless youth are also offered. 

    8) SPECIALTY SERVICES: Homeless services for the chronic mentally ill, perpetrators and victims of domestic violence, jail program for the incarcerated mentally ill, counseling for adult and juvenile sex offenders, juvenile fire setters, the elderly mentally disturbed, and adults molested as children.

    9) ALCOHOL AND ABUSE PROGRAM: Provides prevention services, counseling, intensive day treatment assessment, DWI treatment, in-jail counseling, referral, urinalysis and employee assistance program training. Clinic locations: Pocomoke, 410-957-2005 and WACS Center, 410-213-0202.

    10) ADDICTIONS PROGRAM: Offers a wide range of preventative services to Worcester County residents that are experiencing addiction abuse problems with alcohol and/or drugs. Provides many levels of treatment at several sites based on the individual needs. Offers assessments, individual/group counseling, DWI education programs, substance abuse, crisis intervention, urinalysis, adolescent services and case management referral services.

    11) NALOXONE TRAINING: Offers an educational program that includes an understanding of opioids, recognizing signs and symptoms of an overdose, proper rescue breathing techniques, proper administration of naloxone, and care for the individual until the paramedics arrive. Individuals must be 18 and older related to and/or working with individuals dealing with opiate substance use. Provided to family members, caregivers, guardians, and health/human service workers. Call for the Overdose Response Training days and times.
    12) ADULT HEALTH/CHRONIC DISEASES:  Medical Assistance Personal Care Program: Helps individuals with a chronic illness, medical condition, or disability to remain in their homes. Services provided help with basic activities of daily living. Medical assistance recipients only.  Adult Evaluation and Referral Services (AERS) helps aged or disabled adults, who are at risk of institutionalization, determine if there are sufficient community resources available to enable them to remain in the community.

    13) DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES AND CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES:  Down Syndrome clinic provides consultation & specialty services to parents & providers working with individuals, of any age, with Down's Syndrome. Services include case management, support and referral to day and residential services for children and youth aged three through adulthood. Home and clinic visits are offered. Support group meets monthly. Case Management: Coordination of multiple services, including housing and financial aid, for Health Department clients of all ages.

    14) HOMELESS ADDICTS NEVER DENIED SERVICES (HANDS): Provides alcohol and other drug treatment services to homeless addicts in Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties. Call 410-213-7061.

    15) IMMUNIZATIONS: Computerizing tracking for children age 3 and under, to ensure they receive immunization and preventative care. Education and outreach on immunizations. Childhood immunization services for clients without a primary medical provider. Adult Immunization Services including: Pneumonia, Flu and Tetanus Vaccines. International travel immunization also available.

    16) OCEAN CITY YOUTH HEALTH CENTER: Health on the Boards Memorial Day-Labor Day. Health care intervention for youth under age 25. Services include pregnancy testing, birth control, emotional and addiction counseling, runaway/homeless youth services, emergency contraceptive pill, care for minor illness or minor injury.

    17) SEASONAL FLU 2018: Call the Flu Hotline to hear dates and locations for local flu clinics. Also, visit the website for a complete listing of current local flu clinics.

    *The new seasonal flu shot covers both the seasonal flu and H1N1 flu.


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