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  • Prince George's County Office of Community Relations, Human Relations Commission

    Agency: Prince George's County Office of Community Relations

    OVERVIEW: Provides protection from discrimination occurring in the County in the areas of Housing, Employment, Education, Real Estate, Financial Lending, Police Abuse and in Public Accommodations, by offering a thorough, timely and professional investigation and prosecution of discrimination complaints.


    1) CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT PROSECUTION: The Staff investigates and prosecutes cases, on behalf of individuals being discriminated against, before a 13 member tribunal, which hears cases and decides guilt. The Commission has the power to award damages to victims of up to $200,000 and levy civil fines up to $10,000 in some cases.

    2) MEDIATION SERVICES: The Commission provides mediation services for parties in civil rights cases to resolve their disputes with each other, short of a full investigation and full administrative trial.

    3) OUTREACH: The Commission also makes itself available to individuals, groups and companies to provide education and training on the agency's mission, discrimination laws and statutes in general, as well as cultural diversity training as a means to curb or eliminate unfair treatment of citizens and visitors to the county based on a person's race, color, religion, disability, age, political opinion, personal appearance, occupation, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, marital status, or retaliation for previous involvement in a case.

    Agency: Prince George's County Office of Community Relations

    Languages Available: Accommodations possible., Spanish, French, American Sign Language

    Payment Description: Free

    Intake and Eligibility: Open to anyone.

    Areas Served:
    • Prince Georges County

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