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  • Maryland Health Connection

    Agency: Maryland Health Connection

    HEALTH INSURANCE ENROLLMENT: Offers individuals and small business owners the opportunity to shop, compare and enroll in a range of affordable health insurance choices. Offers a one stop shop for individuals to be assessed for federal tax credits and subsidies to help cover insurance costs; see if family members qualify for public health programs; also links callers to additional resources.  By law, under the Affordable Care Act, most people over age 18 must have health insurance beginning in 2015 or pay a fine. Enrollment begins Nov 1, 2018 and ends Dec 15, 2018.

    Major Life Event: If someone mentions having had a life event (lost a job, had a baby, etc.) in the last month and needs to apply for insurance or update their application to reflect this change.

    Medicare: Medicare recipients already have insurance and are not eligible to participate in the marketplace.   

    Medical Assistance (Medicaid, MA): 
    Current income limits. 

    Household Size          Income Limits           
    1                            Less than $16,753             
    2                            Less than $22,715                  
    3                            Less than $28,676                   
    4                            Less than $34,638            
    5                            Less than $40,600                   
    6                            Less than $45,561               
    For each additional person add $5,962 

    Effective March 1, 2018

    Visit for income guidelines for reduced premiums and/or lower insurance costs.

    • 750 East Pratt Street
      Baltimore, MD 21202

    Agency: Maryland Health Connection

    Languages Available: Language Line.

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Maryland residents who do not have access to health coverage.

    Areas Served:

    - Health Insurance Marketplaces

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