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  • Intervals Day Habilitation Center

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    SUPPORT SERVICES: Specializes in supporting adults with developmental disabilities who are medically fragile with complex health needs. Offers the MOVE curriculum to teach people to sit, stand, and walk with specialized adaptive equipment. Provides environmental accessibility to permit greater maneuverability as well as a  wheelchair garden, courty...

  • Chimes Maryland, Work Opportunities

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    WORK OPPORTUNITIES:Offers vocational and skill training as well as job opportunities to Marylanders with a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities, autism and/or related conditions. Develops appropriate behaviors, skills and work habits necessary for employment. Offers jobs through center-based employment at Chimes facilities, which provides work th...

  • Chimes, Montgomery County

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS: Provides supervised housing in three group homes located in Montgomery County for the developmentally-disabled, two of which are handicap-accessible. Assists program participants with daily living functions. Provides sensory stimulation for blind residents and teaches communication skills, including alternative forms of communi...

  • Chimes Maryland, Chimes School

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    CHIMES SCHOOL: Serves children and youth ages with a diagnosis of autism, intellectual disabilities, and/or multiple disabilities. Offers pre-vocational and vocational training in clerical, product assembly, housekeeping, food service, horticulture, maintenance, woodworking, and sewing. The COACH program assists students with a history of behaviora...

  • Chimes Maryland, Residential Options

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS: Provides housing options for children and adults with varying degrees of supervision who have an array of individualized needs (medically fragile, complex medical needs). Helps participants enhance social, emotional, and independent living skills. These services are paired with case management. 

  • Chimes Maryland, Senior Assisted Living Services

    Agency: Chimes, Maryland

    SENIOR ASSISTED LIVING SERVICVES: Serves adults with intellectual disabilities and/or related conditions 50 and over that need specialized geriatric services.Offers an active day program in-house to slow down the pace of daily activity for those who prefer to retire. 

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